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How To Reduce Email Stress And Become More Productive


We are living in a technologically advanced world where smartphones and email have become one of the most important parts of our daily activities. However, according to researchers, all these activities can be stressful and they have coined a new term which is known as ‘technostress’.

Email is inextricably associated with the life of people working in the corporate sector and it is believed that if they use emails properly, it would be very easy for them to improve the quality of communication. At the same time, it will reduce stress from managing emails and increase productivity. Most people even use an unsubscriber app in order to unsubscribe from emails. However, keeping these facts in mind, we have added some tips on how you can reduce email stress and become more productive:

Make Sure That The Subject Line Is Right: If you go for actionable and clear subject lines, you will surely get a fruitful outcome. The subject line is something that shows what the email is all about and therefore, you should not include more than 10 words into it. Moreover, the subject line must be written in a way that the recipient could know everything about the mail by just going through the first few words of the subject line. If we talk about smartphones, it only shows the first 30 characters and so, you have to be very precise about the subject lines while sending emails.

Use Emails Only When It Is Required:

Email is mainly a mode of electronic communication and it is not required everywhere. For example, if you want to interact with someone who is working in the same office, it would be better for you if you go for video calling or instant messaging by using different platforms such as Skype and Slack. The best part is that you don’t have to wait for the reply.

Try Not To Send Emails Out Of Office Hours:

It does not matter whether you are an employer or employee, you must take rest to get rid of work stress and try to send messages only during the office hours. Moreover, some companies even turn off email access after office hours. It not only creates a strong bonding between staff and office management but also increases the productivity of the employees by giving them the rest that they deserve the most.

Clean Up Your Mailbox Timely:

No matter which email service provider you are using, it is always a good idea to clean up and organize your incoming emails to avoid emails overload. For example, if you are using a Gmail account, you have limited storage space in your free account. In case you don’t clean up Gmail timely, with time it can become overwhelmed with unnecessary messages making it challenging to find really important emails. On the other side, it is also using the storage making it possible to run out of free space soon.

Delay Delivery Option:

If you are a freelancer or working across different time zones, you must use the delay delivery option so that recipients can get the mail in their office hours. Ultimately, it will cut down the stress from getting emails and it will make a solid impression upon your clients. Moreover, if there is a holiday in a different time zone, you have to make sure that the clients do not get emails on that particular day.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow these steps to reduce email stress and enhance your productivity.