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5 Tips To Improve Your Online Privacy

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You’ve likely been taking advantage of the Internet and everything that it has to offer for years now. You’ve also likely heard a horror story or two about someone getting their information stolen or being hacked. From data breaches to marketers tracking your every step, you are always at risk when you log online. And, these threats are far more dangerous than people give them credit for. Luckily, the situation isn’t completely hopeless. You can always enhance your online privacy by sticking to the following tips.

Check Social Settings

If you are like most individuals, you likely have a social account or two that you post with daily. Well, like it or not these are where the biggest breaches occur. These networks not only are willing to share your information with big companies, but you might be surprised to learn that just about anyone can gain access to what you post on these sites. This is unless, of course, you adjust your privacy settings. Most of these sites will give you the option of choosing the information you want to share. If you want the most privacy possible, you’ll choose to only share your information with people on your friend’s list. This way, you will know the individuals with access to your information.

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Avoid Public Storage For Private Information

Unfortunately, oversharing is not just limited to social media sites. And, this is where most people are making major mistakes. For instance, it is not a good idea to use a platform like Google Docs to store your private information. These services are meant for sharing, which means others are going to have access to them. You should only store information on platforms like these that you are okay sharing. Passwords, crucial addresses, social security numbers, or passport photos are not the type of things that you want to store in these public platforms.

Must Use Secure Passwords

This one probably seems obvious, but you’d be surprised at the number of individuals using weak passwords. Even when you are using a tool like Blackjack Genie where you don’t have to input any personal information, you want to make sure you are still utilizing strong passwords. You’ll also want to use something that is different from the rest of your passwords because if someone gains access to this password, they’ll have direct access to the rest of your accounts. That being said, it is nearly impossible to remember long, numerical passwords for all your accounts, but a good password manager can help.

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Use Encryption

The best way to protect your privacy when communicating with others via email is to utilize encryption. It is very easy to encrypt email messages. This is a manual process via Email Encryption Services. By encrypting your emails, you will be protecting the communications you have with others. No one will be able to decipher the encrypted message, so everything you talk about will be fully protected.

Always Update

Some people tend to ignore system updates for one reason or another. These updates are extremely important, as they fix vulnerabilities that pose risks to your online privacy. Every time you receive a system update message, you should immediately approve the request. The only time you should delay a system update is when you are amid a big online project. Otherwise, approve the update as soon as possible.

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