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Can Mango Enhance The Effects of Cannabis & CBD?

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It’s the edible urban legend that just won’t go away. Yes, we’re talking about that mango & cannabis rumor. The only question is, what are the real facts? Will eating mangoes enhance your cannabis high?

According to many budtenders, marijuana users, and CBD therapeutics users, the answer is yes. Eating fresh mango before using cannabis, will increase its efficacy.

Are There Real Facts?

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Before we delve deeper into this culinary cannabis mystery, it is important to make one thing clear. This being that most evidence supporting a relationship between mango and weed is purely anecdotal.

As it is, there is still a lot that we do not know for certain about the effects of cannabinoids on the human body. Understanding their relationship with other drugs, foods, or therapeutics is a whole other ball game. What we do have is lots of anecdotal cannabis user testimonies.

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Reported Interactions Between Mango And Weed

Those who swear that there is a relationship between mangoes and marijuana, all report very similar user experiences.

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Consuming fresh mango at least an hour before using cannabis or CBD products, sees many users report a faster onset of CBD and THC effects. Many also say that, as well as a faster onset, CBD and THC effects are enhanced and last longer.

  • To benefit from faster, stronger, longer-lasting therapeutic benefits, some CBD oil users mix it with mango in freshly prepared smoothies.
  • Users of CBD gummies and other edibles often consume mango also, to enhance edible potency.
  • Consuming mango and cannabis (or CBD therapeutics) together is safe and arguably beneficial. This is thanks to mangoes being high in fiber and rich in vitamin A.

What Does The Science Say?

According to recent research, there are is a body of scientific evidence supporting the idea that mango can enhance the efficacy of cannabis.

Most people love the scent of fresh mangoes. However, it is the fragrance of fruit that might also hold the key to unlocking the relationship between mango & cannabis.

The scent of mango is the result of mangoes being naturally high in myrcene and other terpenes. This is important, as cannabis and hemp also contain high amounts of terpenes.

  • Researchers believe that terpenes in mango interact with terpenes from cannabis in the bloodstream. 
  • Interaction in the bloodstream sees myrcene increase the efficacy of CBD and THC, while also slowing the rate at which cannabinoids are metabolized.
  • Myrcene in mango is known to have similar anti-inflammatory properties to cannabinoids, even when mango is consumed by itself.

All that isn’t clear at present, is how much mango a person has to consume to experience the greatest benefit. However, it is safe to assume that this will be dependent on things like body weight and existing cannabinoid tolerance levels.

Is Consuming Mango & Cannabis Together Dangerous?

If you use CBD therapeutically, there is good news. Consuming mangoes with CBD therapeutics is 100% safe. However, people who do this may want to regularly test how much THC is present in their urine after doing so.

Research has shown that using some CBD products can result in false-positive on urine drug test. This can happen as a result of trace amounts of THC accumulating in the body over time. 

Could your career or livelihood be put at risk by failing a urine drug test? If so, make sure to get a home test kit, so that you can monitor your THC levels and make sure this doesn’t happen. 

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