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The Magnetic Phone Charger | iCharge Pro Cable, Is It Worth It?

by Intizar Ali
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These days, even furniture comes with a built-in USB port. Many people plug their charging cables in strategic locations to provide themselves the comfort and convenience while charging their devices. Moreover, most of these cables are either a USB-C cable, a micro USB cable, or an Apple Lightning cable. At times, it gets quite disturbing to go from one cable to another.

Luckily, iCharge Devices has introduced its 2m long universal charging cable called the iCharge Pro Cable. The iCharge Pro Cable allows you to connect your device with an adapter and the help of a strong magnet. This adapter comes in three different forms to assure its universal ways and allows the user to connected to any device. The iCharge Pro Cable eliminates the issues of not having the correct charging cord to charge your device.

What does the box contain?

The box comes with

  1. 2m (6.5ft) long iCharge Pro Cable.
  2. 3x adapter heads (iOS Lightning, Micro USB, and USB-C). These heads are compatible with almost all mobile devices.
  3. 1x adapter holder (to provide storage space for the other charging adapters that are not in use.)


 What are the key features of the iCharge Pro Cable?

The key features of this universal cable are strong as well as innovative enough to give the product an edge over its competitors. The key Features Includes;


  1. Promising fast charging capabilities.
  2. The cable can turn 360 degrees and bend 180 degrees providing comfort to the user while charging his/her device.
  3. It even supports data transfer, which allows the user to exchange photos, music, videos, and etc. from one device to another.
  4. The iCharge Pro Cable comes with a built-in LED indicator. Whenever the cable has power, the LED lights up and makes the cable traceable even in a pitch-black setting.
  5. Moreover, the cable comes with a powerful magnet that enables you to operate it with a single hand.



The universal cable has a lot to offer to its users. Apart from its key features, this product benefits its customers with 4 more promising features.



The iCharge Pro Cable is made from military-grade nylon, which provides outstanding durability.



The iCharge Pro Cable comes handy in many other cases. Each of its 3 charging adapters acts as a barrier between your charging port and the outside world. The 3 charging adapters protect your device’s charging port from dust, sweat, lint, sand, liquid splashes, and several other types of debris.

The cable comes with 3 charging heads (iOS Lightning, Micro USB, and USB-C) in which allows the user to charge almost every device inside of their home.



If your phone is hanging mid-air, the iCharge pro Cable charges your device conveniently due to its super thick magnet without any interruption.



It is really easy to make use of the iCharge Pro Cable to charge your device. To do so, you need to plug in the adapter that is most suitable for the charging port of your device. You may leave in the adapter permanently as it protects your device’s charging port and enables you to charge your phone with one hand.

Whenever the cable has power, it illuminates. You just need to bring the head of the cable closer to the adapter. Once you began doing so, you will notice the power of the magnet will magically clamp together to unite both counterparts and began charging your device.



Though the iCharge Pro Cable has already created a strong image for itself in the market, I have one change I would like to suggest for the people at iCharge Devices.

  1. I would sell the charging adapters separately. For instance, everyone in my household owns an iPhone. In our case, we would have to buy 3 iCharge Pro Cables rather than buying one iCharge Pro Cable and adding 3 iOS charging adapters to our order.



iCharge Pro Cable comes with the right length to comply with most situations. Overall, the iCharge Pro Cable is a must-have. Although you can’t select the 3 charging adapters you would most use, I find it very interesting that my son was able to connect the iCharge Pro Cable into his Nintendo Switch with one of the other existing charging adapters. You may purchase the iCharge Pro Cable here at for only $19.99. If you would like to get his and hers set, iCharge Devices also offers a buy one, get one half off deal.


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