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Crucial Facts about Blue Light Blocking Glasses

In today’s fast pacing world, technology has become a major part of our lives. Although it helps us in many ways like working or staying connected to people, it surely comes with a lot of drawbacks. The major problem we are dealing with while sitting behind bright screens all day is with the emission of blue light and its overexposure leading to burnout. Blue light blocking glasses is the only solution we have to protect ourselves from digital eye strain and fatigue.

Technology is unavoidable and the stress and fatigue caused by digital devices can lead to a number of problems like depression, lack of productivity, diabetes, sleep disorder, headaches or loss of interest.  All these issues can be avoided with the help of a little change in habits and routine and with a life-changing product like blue light glasses.

Important Facts about Blue Light Glasses

1. Block 90% Blue Light

Blue light is everywhere, so it becomes impossible to avoid it. The main source of blue light is sunlight but artificially created blue light emitted from digital devices is what harms our eyes. Blue light blocking glasses are a wondrous creation which helps block blue light up to 90%, thus reducing the excessive blue light exposure to the eyes.

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2. Makes Digital Eye-strain Preventable

Continuously focusing on a screen can lead to eye-strain, dry eyes, headaches and fatigue. Practising the 20-20-20 rule is recommended by the doctors which means after every twenty minutes focus on something which is twenty feet away for twenty seconds. This helps in relieving the pressure off the eyes.

In addition to following the 20-20-20 rule, blue light glasses should be used to avoid eye strain as they help in blocking blue light which is responsible for strain.

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3. Keeps Burnout at Bay

Using digital devices before bedtime is not healthy as the exposure of blue light at night can keep you awake at odd hours and mess up with the sleep schedule which leads to complications like obesity, diabetes, swollen eyes, eye pain, macular degeneration, light sensitivity, eye discharge and depression.

Blue light glasses reduce the negative impact of blue light keeping health problems at bay.

4. A Blessing for Gamers

The gamers can rejoice now as they can spend a significant amount of their time playing in front of their screens without having to worry about any eye diseases.

Blue light spectacles are a valuable product with which the gamers can enjoy a stress-free gaming experience. The best part about blue light filter glasses is that this filter can even be applied to prescription glasses. 

Specscart is a Britain born startup which sells designer glasses online and offline in different colours and frames. It offers blue light glasses at affordable prices and all the glasses at Specscart have premium coatings of anti-glare, anti-resistance and anti-UV with no extra charges. Glasses and sunglasses with or without a prescription can easily be purchased at Specscart.

A home trial of four frames is offered by Specscart for a week to help you decide which frame suits you and what’s most comfortable. Home eye-tests is a facility provided by them in which an optician comes at your doorstep to conduct the test.

Go to Specscart’s website now and check out all the amazing services now!




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