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How to Incorporate Technology into Your Mental Health Care Routine

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Mental health, although mostly ignored, is as vital as physical and emotional health. It is a known fact the body only functions as good as the brain does. However, most people do not pay enough attention to their mental health until they experience a random mental shut down that when unchecked may lead to more serious conditions such as depression. There are many ways to take care your mental health. These are a few suggestions how technology can help with that.


One cannot fully describe or emphasize the healing power of music. People have used music therapy for centuries to heal both physical and internal ailments. Even King Saul in the Bible did so with the help of David. While it is not as easy to get a private harp player currently, you can still enjoy the soothing effects of music through your phone, computer, or any other device of your choice. You can do this throughout your day, or you can set out a specific time to just sit and listen to your favourite songs. Not only can music help soothe anxious thoughts, it can help produce serotonin which helps alleviate your moods.

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Yoga and Meditation videos

Yoga and meditation are some of the most popular stress combating techniques currently. Although they are essentially two separate activities, they have a common goal, which is to quiet the mind and practise mindfulness. Yoga has the advantage of body stretching and enhancing flexibility. If you are a beginner, you can take advantage of the internet to find basic yoga and meditation tutorials. This way, you can end up saving some money and have the comfort and safety of your home in case crowds make you anxious. You can also read more on caring for your mental health at

Play online and offline games

One way of keeping your mind away from negative thoughts and stress in general, is by distracting it. What better way to distract yourself than by engaging in an online or offline game? Whether you have a complete gaming system, or you just have your phone, you can access tens of fun and engaging games. The advantage of said games, especially those on your phone, is that you can play them from anywhere.

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Reading e-books and other materials

Reading, just like music, has great potential for providing a soothing effect. If you do not have a collection of physical books, or you just want to read something new, you can access many e-books and other reading materials right from your phone or computer. All you need is internet connection. Reading can greatly help distract you from any unwanted thoughts, while adding to your knowledge bank.


Most psychologists agree that writing greatly helps people keep their mental health in check. Having a journal for example, can help you record your daily experiences, which can in turn help you identify and thus avoid certain triggers. Likewise, blogging can be an equally effective outlet channel. There are different user friendly free blogging sites such as WordPress and BlogSpot that allow account holders write down whatever they want. You can use said sites to create your own blog to write down your thoughts and feelings thus avoiding mental and even emotional build-up. You may even end up finding an online community that relates to your experiences thus getting a support group.

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Bottom line

Always make sure to take care of your mental health for your best overall functioning. We hope these suggestions to incorporate technology into your mental health care are useful and effective.

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