New Huawei patent reveals game changing device similar to the Galaxy Z-Flip


Huawei has published a patent which shows it’s working on a folding phone that’s radically different from all the other designs it has produced before. The device is likely to take after the Samsungs Galaxy Z-Flip design that folds inwards. The device is likely to be named Mate X2 to precede the Mate X and Xs or a Mate V.

The phone It will have a solid build similar to that of the Mate Xs and the latest processor, cameras and the classical build. However, the Mate Xs folds outwards. With the next Huawei foldable expected to become official around October and if it folds inwards there are high chances of a domination battle in the smartphone space between the two brands.

Huawei has overtaken Samsung on several occasions. For instance, Huawei, last month surpassed Samsung and Apple to become the largest smartphone maker in the month of April 2020. In as much as it was the very first time, Huawei took the lead, Huawei had really declined in sales the previous months after the US ban.

The top lead comes as a surprise. But to everyone’s surprise, the company has managed to achieve a feat that was considered impossible with the ban in effect.

The new release could also change how people feel about folding phones and especially the market penetration of the Huawei brand considering its flagships are relatively affordable and give maximum user experience.

According to Gsmarena, The pocketability of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, for instance, is sensational but still has small issues that need rectifying. If Huawei can sort issues such as the display itself on the Mate V device then it has a shot at creating a folding phone that’s popular and usable, instead of just eye-catching and expensive.

Huawei and Samsung have so far diverged on what the best design would be for a phone that can turn into a tablet through the magic of folding screens.

Recently,  Samsung has been rumoured to be sticking with its previous design for the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 2, and improve upon the formula, Huawei may just give up on its unique path and actually join Samsung in the inward-folding realm for the next device.