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How to Manage Your Time Better With Simple Apps on Your Phone

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Time management is important for anyone, adult or child. It helps one practice organization and discipline in their daily activities. Sticking to a specific way and time of doing things can help increase productivity because both your mind and body adjust themselves to function as needed. Proper time management also allows you to have time to rest, which is important to prevent mind and body collapses. Here is how you can manage your time easily and efficiently with the help of these simple apps on your phone.

Alarm clock

The first part of time management for anyone is waking up at the right time. For the highest energy levels throughout the day, one should wake up early and have enough time to prepare themselves before staring out their day. People who wake up in a rush end up doing things in panic, which then spills over to the rest of the day. This can cause underachievement, a feeling of exhaustion and in extreme cases, headaches. Setting up an alarm at least an hour before you need to leave the house (where applicable), gives you enough time to shower, eat breakfast, and even work out or mediate. All these activities help your mind to transition swiftly from sleep to high energy.

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The timer app is great for people who like to account for every minute. If you want to break down your day to the last second, then using the timer app can help. For example, after waking up, you can set a timer with an alarm for every activity you want to carry out. Whether it is thirty minutes for exercise, ten minutes for showering, twenty for breakfast, and five for getting out of the house. A timer helps you be prompt, disciplined, and helps you create a routine for your mind and body.


Once you are out of the house, you start your day, which can mean carrying out a number of errands. From attending meetings, to going to a doctor’s appointment, and then buying groceries. Most days are full of things to do. The Notepad app on your phone can be of great use for this purpose. Not all phones have the Notepad app itself, but most have a similar one that functions the same. By making lists of things to do in a day, you not only manage your time well, but you also ensure not to forget to do anything.

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Calendar and Planner

The Planner app often links to the Calendar app because they are interdependent. These apps are useful for managing future time. They help you mark down important dates and days for plans. For example, if you have monthly doctor’s appointments, you can use the planner app to mark down the dates and even set a reminder. This way, even if it slips your mind, the reminder will make sure you remember in time to honour them. You can also mark birthdays, anniversaries, travel dates, etc., thus ensuring you are always on top of your game.


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