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Airtel partners WorldRemit to offer subscribers instant money transfer

Airtel Africa has partnered with online money transfer service, WorldRemit, to allow its customers to transfer money instantly across Africa.

WorldRemit customers globally can send and receive money in their Airtel money wallets via their mobile app.

Airtel Money is already running in DRC, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Niger and Malawi. Customers in these countries can now send money to Rwanda via WorldRemit.

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World Remit’s Managing Director for the Middle East & Africa, Amdrew Stewart, said, “The connection to more mobile money accounts through Airtel Africa allows us to expand our payout network and options available to customers across the continent. It is really exciting and important to us that we continue to increase financial inclusion for our customers in Africa while delivering a fast, affordable and secure service.”

Raghunath Mandava, CEO, Airtel Africa, said: “We are committed to enhancing financial inclusion in the countries we operate through building a huge infrastructure of cashing in and cashing out locations in the markets and increasing our distribution.”

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World Remit seeks to provide a way for unbanked people globally to easily receive money, and have access to services such as bank account transfer, cash pickup and mobile money. An average of 70% of WorldRemit transfers are sent from the mobile app. WorldRemit enables its users to send money online from 50 countries to over 150 countries across the world.

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