Crosstour 9500 Best Cheap Action Camera


This most excellent cheap action camera brings entirely new features at impressive image quality that is likely to capture your audience’s interest. If you want to start a video profession on YouTube or Vimeo, then perhaps you wish to make trips to your holidays to share with your friends and families.

Crosstour 4KUHD action camera review, we’re going to dive into its specifications and functionality. But first, we’ll talk about what’s inside the box. Since I think it’s by far the most critical part of this Crosstour 4KUHD best cheap action camera review.

You would like to understand what you will get if you choose to obtain this action camera, right? Without further ado, let us get the movie rolling.

To kickstart the Crosstour actions camera 9500 reviews, we are speaking about what is inside the box. As I mentioned earlier, you are going to wish to learn what is its package contents. Like any product that you purchase, it’s essential to know what is contained and whatnot. That being said, have a look under to see what is in the box. I also included the bundle contents so that you understand what to expect when you buy this task camera.

On the very first belief, the Crosstour action camera 9500 features jet black coating around its body framework. In my personal opinion, I think it nice and stylish. Not just it provides a friendly appearance, but additionally, it gives out a professionalism belief. However, I do have a minor qualm with this activity camera. The power button is located on the top alongside catch photo/record videos.

This can be quite a problem for a number of people who do not wish to inadvertently switch off their action cameras in the middle of videos. Most of the action cameras, such as the Victure 4KUHD actions camera and YI 4K+ activity camera, have their power buttons located on the front to avoid accidents. Regardless, it is going to need at least some practicing to get used to avoiding making mistakes. The back of the activity camera features a 2-inches touchscreen that can be navigated around easily.

The Crosstour activity camera 9500 is made with durable ABS plastic that provides the durability it ought to endure impacts if it comes to the build quality. Furthermore, I enjoyed this activity camera for two reasons: it’s portable, so simple enough to carry around anywhere you go. Secondly, it is easy to deal with thanks to rocky sides, which provide firm handling during your movie sessions.


Speaking about the performance is the most important element in the Crosstour action camera 9500 reviews. Although this camera is priced slightly higher than most entry-level action camera you normally would see. We believe you will be impressed with the performance this activity camera has to offer you. The Crosstour action camera 9500 has an anti-shake feature that makes this an extremely popular alternative to the GoPro HERO 7 Black.

Additionally, the Crosstour CT9500 camera has a SONY sensor. This implies it masterfully captures stills and videos at the highest quality level designed to grab your audience’s attention. Much more so, it is the best activity camera for traveling.


There are several main characteristics that you should know about the CT9500 action camera. First, it features Time-Lapse, which allows the action camera to hold off the shooter for a couple of seconds. You can customize the length of time you want the action camera to wait before capturing the still from one moment to ten minutes. It’s the best selection for including the person into the stills or videos that are even. After all, nobody must be left out.

Another superb feature that is implemented in this activity is named Loop Recording. This feature is extremely helpful for generating content without having to delete all the documents to create a new space manually. However, while it’s nice for beginners – that I do not highly recommend this attribute whatsoever for more experienced activity camera users. The real deal about this activity camera is the fact that it might have made a fantastic dashcam.

In the end, the debut of Anti-shake is still a very important feature to have. It is not common for action cameras below $100 to get this attribute. That is why the CT9500 activity camera is so popular because of the Anti-shake characteristic. The gap between frequent 4KUHD footage and the real 4KUHD footage is huge. With the anti-shake attribute on, the quality of your video will be viewed more professionally.

Final Verdict

To conclude the CT9500 Crosstour action camera inspection, I’ve seen this among the very best action cameras thus far. It’s packed with amazing features that make this activity camera completely functioning. Additionally, it features a strong 20MP using a built-in SONY detector that does a great job of delivering detailed and vibrant stills/videos. Suppose you are looking for a great action camera without having to spend that much cash. This is the best choice for you.