How to Nurture your Child’s Talents Using Technology


As a parent, one of your many responsibilities will be discovering and nurturing your child’s gifts and talents. With the proper guidance, a childhood talent can end up being a lifelong career that puts your kid on the global stage. Many parents dismiss their children’s talents as hobbies or temporary phases. While some can indeed turn out short term, you should still provide support and encouragement as your children discover themselves. Here are a few ways through which to nurture and support your children’s talents using technology.

By use of apps

Depending on your child’s talents, you can find various phone applications that you can download on your phone for them to use. For example, if you notice your child enjoys playing chess, you can go to your phone’s app store and install several chess board games onto your phone or tablet. You can even get each with different difficulty levels so that they can learn and progress with time. If your child likes drawing and designing instead, you can source for sketching and painting applications to install for them. You can even get ones specifically designed for children’s use. You can easily find applications for many other talents including singing, cooking, dancing, etc.

By use of gadgets

Apart from applications, you can also get relevant technological gadgets that can assist your child to grow their talent. For example, you can get an electronic keyboard piano, complete with a microphone and even recording features. With this, your child can slowly learn how to play the instrument and sing in perfect pitch. With enough persistence and dedication, they just might end up becoming stars. In the case of a child who likes dancing, you can get them a virtual dancing assistant. This may come in form of a set similar to a sound system, where the child can learn to synchronise their dancing with musical rhythm.

By use of video tutorials

Sometimes the best way to teach and help a child nurture their talent is through visual guidance. In case you are not vast in the talent that interests your child, you can get numerous video tutorials for them to watch. You can do this by searching for relevant videos on YouTube. Make specific time for your child to watch these videos so that it can be part of their normal routine. Thanks to advanced technology, you can even record the videos that seem most helpful so that your child can watch them in a loop without having to worry about internet usage. Children respond faster to lessons that they can see and copy as opposed to those they have to read or listen.

By enrolling them to classes

You may feel stranded on how to help your child continue to harness their gifts especially if their school does not offer such classes. You however do not have to worry so much because the internet opens a door to various options for you and your child. For example, you can search for schools near you that have tuition classes relevant to your child’s talents. Alternatively, you can enrol them into an online class where they can learn under your supervision and at their convenience. Lastly, you can search for a private tutor online and hire their services to help with the talent nurturing up to the point you feel your child is ready to be independent.