How to Improve your Transportation Business Using Technology


The transportation industry is one of the primary aspects of the world’s economy and general functioning. Without it, the world would crumble due to lack of movement of people and goods. With this in mind, you can always invest in transportation as a viable business enterprise. If you already have a transportation business, you can improve its revenue stream and general performance by incorporating various forms of technology. Here are a few ways on how to do so.

Have a functioning and informative webpage

The first step of running a successful business is by ensuring maximum visibility. For singular physical shops, visibility may come in form of lighted posters, large lettered notice boards, etc. However, for a versatile business such as transportation, you require sufficient signal that will reach all audiences, including those away from your physical offices. A webpage can do exactly that. Ensure that the webpage is simple and accessible to all sorts of individuals despite their ages. On this page, include your services, their prices, your contacts, and every other detail that might be relevant to potential customers. Also, provide an about section where the visitors can learn more about your company. This helps create a form of trust and thus connection.

Provide online booking services

For most transportation companies, booking services only occur in physical offices. While this helps with fraud and cash accountability, it might be limiting for people without the chance or time to visit your offices. Online booking also helps people make bookings when they have the money, which might not be the same time as when they need to travel. It also allows for booking during an emergency.

Have 24/7 customer service

In the transportation business, your company will be in constant relations with customers throughout its operating hours. To ensure that your customers are happy and satisfied, you can set up a 24-hour customer service platform. This may be through a specific customer care telephone line, an online page, or where possible, a chatbot system. The latter is a very effective way of engaging customers especially during non-operational hours. It also works well when all the customer care lines are in use. You can use this chatbot system to answer frequently asked questions such as types of vehicles your company has, routes served, prices per route, hiring and leasing terms, etc. In the case of human customer care agents, ensure that they uphold integrity, helpfulness, and politeness, above other things.

Have safe and efficient wireless payment channels

With the world going cashless, you will do well to incorporate wireless and cashless payment channels in your transportation business. You can do this for both physical payment points and online booking platforms. Cashless payment is not only convenient, but also safer and easier especially during this pandemic season. It also saves customers the hustle of going to the bank or ATM and travelling with bundles of cash, which can easily get lost. Furthermore, digital payment is always easier to account for as opposed to manual cash transactions that are vulnerable to various kinds of theft and fraud.