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Kenyan energy company KenGen to roll out electric charging ports

Kenyan energy company, KenGen, has announced its plans to roll out facilities for electric car charging systems in Kenya. The move is being made in preparation for the possible roll out of electric Public Service Vehicles (PSV).

KenGen’s Strategy and Innovation Director, David Muthike said in a webinar hosted by the Energy Society Kenya, that the energy firm is ready to support the electric PSVs, “The case to have electric vehicles is there, and KenGen is ready to support that with renewable energy. On innovation, we are exploring to participate in manufacturing, and we have also rolled out charging infrastructure with a pilot within our premises. The case to have electric vehicles is there and KenGen is ready to support that with renewable energy.”

He added that KenGen had already begun setting up a pilot facility.

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Electric cars are still relatively novel in the East African country, but KenGen is banking on future revenues earned from electric car owners in the country.

At the moment, taxi service, Nopia, operates a number of electric vehicles, which are charged at the few existing charging points, most of which are not for use by any member of the general public who may happen to own an electric car.

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