How AI technology helping scientist to fight against COVID-19


Like there has been an increased demand for hand sanitiser in Brisbane and across the globe, there are thousands of AI companies worldwide who are after giving their efforts to tackle through this global COVID-19 pandemic. AI is seen playing a very vital role in each stage of pandemic. It has shown the capability to replace the human body in hospitals by Robots in detecting novel coronavirus pandemic.

According to various universities of the US, the role of AI regarding the current crisis has been boiled down into three intermediate stages. They are,

  • To find treatments by possessing a large amount of data
  • By reducing the spread of COVID-19
  • By treating the ill patients.

Apart from this, the health care workers have shown their super efforts after being aided with the latest technologies. The tools of AI have been seen prominent that has helped in showing the cases of COVID-19 through hotspots.

All the gadgets showing the body temperature around the people has been enabled by AI. To enable the digital symptoms of COVID-19, AI has offered AI-driven sensor monitoring solutions. 

AI has been deeply involved in all the sectors whether it be detection, research, healthcare, data analyzing, symptoms, or forecasting. In this article, let’s see further how AI has helped the researchers and scientists.

AI tools:

The tool of AI which is used for processing natural language would help to find the COVID-19 vaccine needed by biomedical researchers and clinicians. In the field of disease transmission, the literature of the COVID-19 has grown much.

Although the tools are still underdeveloped and its utility is unproven. As per the reports of the chief executive in Seattle, there are less chances of the vaccine to emerge its full-blown. But across all this, the researchers are still hoping that the technology of AI will surely help with the pandemic.

Organizations facing COVID-19:

AI – Artificial Intelligence is said to be a fountainhead of the solution. The rapid spread of COVID-19 has trapped the whole world full of surprise. Everything has come to stand and still conditions including meetings, business tours, face to face interactions, and the flow of information too. 

By keeping social distance in mind, the information facilitation has been seen more visible now through AI in remote workforce management. Not only private sectors, but the government is taking the support of AI to come up with the solutions of managing COVID-19 pandemic.

Machine Learning, a subset of Artificial Intelligence, has played a major role by supporting the pupil of the world by enabling them with face to face interactions during lockdown.

It has also improved virtual business communications through video conferencing between the teammates and stakeholders. AI is facing the virus with various efforts of detection, prevention, and response. 

Detection of coronavirus outbreak through AI:

As you know, BlueDot, the Canadian start-up has raised the red flag of the outbreak of novel coronavirus pandemic. How they did this might be the question for all of us. Let us explain in brief.

To browse through the online report statement including travel records, government records, and heath records they used Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP). They carried various shorts of records 4 times an hour. 

The news of various unusual pneumonia in the Wuhan city of China was spotted on 30 December 2019 through Artificial Intelligence. And with no wonder, with this AI, they have spotted coronavirus pandemic 9 days before the World Health Organisation.

Further by accessing AI data, they spotted 11 cities worldwide and predicted to have COVID-19 cases in few upcoming days. Various alarms of COVID-19 using a similar methodology were raised by Boston HealthMap. They have seen working relentlessly on this infectious disease.

By using the huge database of these both, BlueDot and HealthMap, the alarms were raised to detect the outbreak of the disease. Now the question is how did AI managed this huge data? Let’s have brief information related to it.

Big Data Analysis of AI:

AI and ML have the capability that will not only hold big data but will also correlate different piles of it into meaningful information. One of the most crucial parts of this outbreak is Analytics.

As per the news, the spread of COVID-19 has been originated with the roots of the exotic animal market from an animal to human transmissions. Scientists and researchers have discovered population migration, population breakups, health reports, travel patterns only through Artificial Intelligence.

How AI studied the spread and tracked COVID-19?

COVID-19 has left the researchers speechless with very precious little time to bug up and manage their speed for research. And to reach the depth of this, through AI they studied the spread of the virus across the world, its social impacts, and patterns.

After some time, MIT developed an ML model that keeps the track and spread of the virus. This helped a lot to measure the spread and decided lockdown and its tenure.

Researchers have partnered with Amazon Web Services to study the undetected infection, its spread, and mutants. AI-driven projects have also involved Amazon Web Services (AWS) to study among infected patients.

Other than this, the University of British Columbia Researchers have also used AWS to study the work of diseases by building an open-source AI model. During the study, they have planned to use the scan of lungs of COVID-19 patients to understand the response and extent of infection.

The radiologists have equipped with statistical and analytical insights by finding AI models. Thus, this proved that the AI model can battle novel coronavirus pandemic by aiding the prediction as well as the management.

How AL became the part of the Solution?

AI has also helped in discovering the drug and vaccine of COVID-19. They have also involved laboratory equipments and scientists to discuss the research work. The use of ML models is remarkable. They are used to identify effective components and to understand protein structures. 

AWS has also partnered with LifeBit to conduct more holistic research by gaining access to genomic data. Antibody database is used to identify potential drugs and protein families to develop the vaccine. This is similar to the AWS aided projects finding solutions to vaccine of COVID-19 pandemic.  

Thus, I hope this article made you clear about the help of AI technology provided to the scientists to fight against COVID-19 pandemic.