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ESL One Cologne Impresses Despite Coronavirus Measures

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Many would argue that hosting an event online would ruin the fun of it and that there’s no point to it if it can’t unfold normally. It might have been the case with the ESL One Cologne Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament. Although restrictions have to be followed and you can’t attend the event or see a huge crowd of people there, you can watch it online. The feel of the event will still be conveyed, believe it or not. 

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 How Does the Event Unfold?

As expected, the setup for this tournament is different than what you’re used to. Basically, the studio used for the broadcast is arranged professionally, to the point where everyone will be impressed. A real-world desk can be found there, while you can see in-person panelists, as well as call-ins on a CGI wall behind them. 

Visually, it looks amazing, so if you were expecting something boring, this should be a good surprise instead. 

ESL One may not be the biggest CS: GO event ever, but it still had a wonderful feel that fans were scared of losing in the era of COVID-19. After all, online is not the same as physically. However, ESL ensured nothing like this would happen, as obvious from the creativity and dedication they used when setting up the broadcast studio. 

The teams are now playing and doing their best to win the $500,000 prize pool. 

ESL One Cologne 2020 – What Happened so Far? 

Cologne was initially supposed to happen back in July. But due to the pandemic, it had to be pushed to August. It was also moved online. 

So far, what happened is that Big lost to Sprout in Group A. Sprout pretty much managed to sweep over BIG by taking the opener 16-12 on Mirage. They won with 19-16 on Nuke. Meanwhile, NIP lost against OG. Although it looked like for a split-second NIP had the advantage, OG came out on top and won. For Group B, Astralis won against Fnatic.

Moving on to North America, Chaos happened to win against Furia, despite the latter being victorious during Dreamhack. But it seems that despite people’s expectations, Chaos pleasantly surprised the fans and had the advantage. As for 100 Thieves and Gen.G, the former won the match. In spite of Gratisfaction, who seemed to be dominant for a while, Gen.G took charge of the map and came out victorious. 

Next, Sprout will have to play against OG, whereas BIG will go against NOP in a lower bracket match. 

Final Thoughts

Despite being online, it seems that ESL pleasantly surprised CS: GO fans and they can maintain their hype while watching it. The setup was carefully thought of and will impress most people who love the tournament. After some very exciting matches so far, you can expect even more amazing things to happen in the following matches, so keep an eye on the tournament. 

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