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Child security and online learning

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As we see the world relying so much on the internet, it is no surprise that after so many years e-learning is something that is rapidly gaining popularity. In most schools a standard procedure is set, where a huge amount of kids are placed in a class with only one teacher assigned to them for every single subject’s class, the problem that arises with this disproportionate ratio is that while the teacher can get all the work done by the students, it is almost impossible for a teacher to accommodate to every single child’s needs.

If we talk about tuitions, even in those cases we see that most after school academies do not cater to each child’s needs or weaknesses separately, rather they accommodate a large number of children in which the weaker students drown out in the background. Perhaps the most identifiable problem is the problem that comes with the style of teaching in schools, when a curriculum is given to teachers, they are expected to follow it through within a specific period of time, this means that the teachers do not have a lot of time to come up with creative ways of learning which can catch the attention of children, rather they are subjected to the same old road learning methods which after some time can get boring for children and their attention is, unsurprisingly, diverted away from the dull and monotonous methods of learning. 

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In order to bridge in the huge gap between studies and monotonous curriculums, E-learning has whisked its way into the system by acting as a binding element. E-learning aims to create a space that can convince children that studies are fun rather than dull and exhausting, and the main way it does so is by teaching them through means which children which they understand, like video games, animations, and colorful quizzes. However, these e-learning apps and sites fall back when it comes to keeping a track record of how much a child is progressing. These apps relying on the students to study independently is quite naïve since even colors and games can attract a kid for so long before they end up losing interest and switching to other apps to play things like subway surfer or fortnite. 

What children require is something that has both elements of school and e-learning combine, which is basic human interaction with a teacher but with a creative way of approaching the studies, and lido learning does exactly that. Lido learning focuses on an adaptive approach to learning, the site has been able to come up with personalized practice tests which do not require the use of any external sites or apps by keeping a complete track record of progression every student individually. The live classrooms are held by expert teachers, with no more than six children in each class, this ensures that every child’s problem is dealt with properly and no one goes unnoticed. They use immersive content, like stories, competitions, animations, and games to keep children involved and attentive throughout the learning process. A very important feature of lido learning is that of self-learning, in it every single class has a separate video library, question banks, and anchor charts which the students can download on their devices, in order to revise the things they learn at their own pace whenever they want. 

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To Learn More About Lido Learning, You Can Watch Their Youtube Video.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6afcunqDmJw&w=560&h=315]

Other than the highly trained teachers present to cater to your needs, every student also has a mentor that is assigned only to them individually. These academic mentors are there to help the student through any queries, and to guide them on how to better their performance, these mentors are available to children at all times. 

It has two learning programs, coding champs, where kids learn how to code, this helps to make them more creative, be better at math, and improves writing skills, there are three options consisting of coding for students from different grades, each costs 13000 rupees for 3 months. The second program is the young leader’s program in which 5 subjects are taught, these are Math, English, Science, Coding, and Leadership. 

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The main point of concern is “stranger danger”, how do parents ensure their kid’s safety on a platform where so much danger lies? With fake content, viruses, and scam chat rooms existing, it is worrisome for parents as they do not know what trap their children might fall into. To ensure the safety of children lido learning keeps every student’s data to themselves and does not disclose it to anyone, no such chat rooms exist on the site which can contain scam material, and the only people that students talk to are their tutors and mentors.

Software for safe and protected internet use for kids. 

  • You must get a child protection application.
  • Get the google family and child account, it will let you control the google play along with several other applications in the mobile phone. 
  • A VPN so that if even the children buy something online or give some details, they should still stay anonymous. Learn mor about it here securicritic .
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