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Filmora Go: What makes us recommend this video editing app

A good video editing application is useful especially for bloggers and marketers. Today, we feel more and more familiar with video capture and editing, in part because of mobile device penetration. However, according to our research, the computer is still the primary video polishing platform for most people. There are oceans of video editing tools, and we’ll focus on one of them, FilmoraGo, in this post. With our introduction, you will learn everything you need to know about it, including the best alternative video editors.

FilmoraGo released by Wondershare is a professional way to edit videos on Windows and Mac. You can open this and start downloading the app. 

Its main features are:

1. Provides comprehensive video editing tools, such as clip, trim, split, trim, merge, etc.
2. Supports almost all video and audio formats, such as MP4, AVI, MKV, M4V and more.
3. Offers different subscription models to meet different needs.
4. Available as a free download on Windows 10/8 / 8.1 / 7 and Mac OS X.


1. This professional video editor contains many video filters and effects.
2. All functions are easy to use. Definitely the strong point of FilmoraGo is its ease of learning, as it is precisely designed for someone who does not have previous editing knowledge but obtains a professional result. All the sections of Filmora are very well defined, they have the figure of a scissors to (obviously) cut the clip and the icons say what they are for. FilmoraGo’s interface for various effects is very easy to figure out, almost everything you get out of “common sense”, which is a great advantage if you are a newbie and want a very fast result.


1. Beginners may feel confused because you cannot search for effects or transitions.
2. Cutter mode allows only one clip at a time.
3. It cannot process 360 degree or VR videos.
4. The project file is WVE and not compatible with most players. You need to convert WVE to MP4 for further editing or playing.

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5. Having said that, it must be admitted that FilmoraGo, even when used on computers with the technical requirements, can have moments of lagging or episodes in which it is slow to respond.

How to use

As mentioned earlier, FilmoraGo includes a wide variety of functions. To help beginners and intermediate people understand it quickly, we’ll share the step-by-step guides below.

Import video

Step 1: Import multimedia files

Run FilmoraGo. You can import the video files from your computer by touching Import media files in the Import menu or record a video with the Record tool. Then the videos will be listed in the Media Library window.

Step 2: Edit video clips on the timeline

Select the video clip and drag it to the timeline. Then you can find some simple video editing tools like crop, rotate and rotate. Select the video on the timeline and right click on it, and you will find the Crop and Split tools. To enhance the video clip, select and click the Adjustments icon to get Contrast, Saturation, Brightness and more in the adjustment dialog box.

Step 3: Decorate the video clips

Go back to the Media Library window, select the video clip to polish and apply effects, audio, or elements to your video. These functions usually provide custom options to create desired effects.

Step 4: Export or share your video

After video editing, various destinations are presented. To save the video to your computer, go to the Local tab in the Export dialog box, select the appropriate video format and fill in the required information. The Device tab allows you to export your video for portable devices. FilmoraGo also allows you to share your videos directly to YouTube or Vimeo.

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In this post, we have shared the knowledge related to Filmora Video Editor. First of all, in the first part, you can get to know the basic functions, advantages and disadvantages of the video editor. When you are ready to edit your video with the video editing software, you can follow our guides to import your videos and edit them easily. FilmoraGo may be a simple editor designed for beginners, but within that niche, it is an editor with a number of effects and tools that are difficult to find, of course, in a slightly more basic version. Finally we would say that FilmoraGo is suitable for you if:

– You are a beginner in editing and are looking for a program that is easy to learn and has a good amount of tools and effects for simple videos.
– You are an expert but you need something that will do the job in half the time of more complex editors, although in a more basic way.
– Your budget is limited and you require a low-cost program with a screen recorder and a good number of editing tools.

Want to get more info? You can subscribe this YouTube channel!

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