Tanzania Startup Association launched to support local businesses

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Tanzania is the latest to join a number of African countries to launch startup initiatives. The Tanzania Startup Association (TSA) is membership-based organisation with the goal of creating a more cohesive startup environment in the country.

TSA was founded by Zahoro Muhaji, a serial entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience. Muhaju received the backing of the Executive Secretary for the Tanzania National Business Council (TNBC), Dr Goodwill Wanga.

Wanga said that TSA would play a crucial role in encouraging more businesses and young entrepreneurs to join Tanzania’s private sector.

TSA is being run by a group of experienced entrepreneurs from different sectors. The Association is chaired by Paul Makanza, the Non-executive chairman Tanzania Cigarette Co. Ltd. He has experience in business planning, entrepreneurship and strategic planning, and corporate finance.

The association will work with learning institutions, investor networks, government institutions, and private businesses in a bid to support the growth of startups in Tanzania.

Interested parties can join the association as a financier, an accelerator or a hub, as a startup or as any other part in the startup sector.

Applicants can fill in the association’s membership application form here.

TSA members will have access to bi-monthly members-only meetups and informal catch-ups.

The association will also host the TSA forum which will be an open public forum for startups as well as small to medium-scale enterprises.

Association chairperson, Paul Makanza noted the contribution of startups towards the creation wealth and employment in Tanzania. He also recognised the government’s support in the growth of the private sector in Tanzania.