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How to Identify Wage Discrimination at Work

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Despite all the modern-day efforts to combat inequality, it still exists in this world, and companies that display some bias should be held responsible. One of the most common ways an employer discriminates against their employees is by giving unfair salaries based on physical features. This is especially true for gender, as men, on average, are paid 20% more than women. 

According to HR Unlimited, “Customarily, pay discrimination is viewed as an issue mainly concerning women and minorities, but according to data from the EEOC, there is a wide range of employees filing complaints regarding pay discrimination.“ While women and people of certain ethnicities are typically targeted, occasionally, men have fallen victim to discrimination too.  If you are suspicious that there is some wage discrimination happening at your place of employment, look out for these signs to determine if action is needed.

More Often Than Not, Men Are Selected For Overtime

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This is just another example of how many unfair bosses get away with paying males or other demographics more money than their peers. Overtime should be equally distributed to anyone who wants or needs extra hours, not based on who is the manager’s favorite. It might be helpful to have an outside set of eyes look in on who’s spending more time in the office by choice. For example, a local business in the southwest of the USA might benefit from hiring someone to do economic consulting in Bryan, Texas. Companies in small towns, in general, can be better at hiding discrimination under the radar. 

Unfair Point Systems

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Some employers maintain a point system for their employees, allowing them to collect and earn points towards promotions or bonuses. Unfortunately, this is one of the ways that can mask some discrimination. If you notice that the women in your office are docked more points for mistakes than men, that could be classified as illegal discrimination. The same holds true if there is favor for people of a certain ethnicity over another. 

Male Employees Get More Promotions

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If the promotion team is mainly made up of men in the office, there’s a good chance that they will have a skewed evaluation system of their employees. There is evidence at many businesses where men with identical positions to women are promoted a large percentage more. Unfortunately, their job descriptions are tweaked ever so slightly to make the male counterparts more qualified for promotions and bonuses. 

The Same People Are Picked For Unwanted Tasks

Every company has a list of mundane chores that no one wants to do. If you notice that you’ve been repeatedly asked, without explanation or pay raise, to do the same unwanted task while others are equally capable, you might want to reach out to your HR. This would be especially true if you’ve already voiced your concerns to your boss, and nothing has changed since that discussion. In many ways, this would also qualify as bullying, which can lead to even further charges against a company. 

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