Want To Compare Insurance Rates? PesaBazaar Is Where To Do It


Have you been wondering where you can get the best insurance rates?

PesaBazaar is the leading site for people to compare different insurance options. It aggregates insurance comparison information about medical, life, car, and other insurance policies. It ensures that people save money and get great insurance options. The consumer gets empowered because they will make the best choice given their options.

Have you ever been in a position where you spoke to an insurance broker and then you were left confused?

The idea behind pesabazaar is to be able to let people compare services for car, medical, property and life insurance in Kenya. Pesabazaar is updated continuously with a variety of completive products, services and partners so that it continues to be the leading aggregator in the market. They also have customer care and sales advisors on hand to assist customers and answer any related questions or assist you to complete your purchases conveniently and quickly support the platform.

No more quotes from brokers.

Before the introduction of PESABAZAAR.com, the market was fragmented and the only way to obtain accurate quotes was through high street brokers and insurance companies. Customers had to go through a confusing and time consuming process of filling forms, calling agents, brokers and companies in order to get quotations and purchase the policy.

Who do they work with?

PesaBaazar mostly works with the leading life insurance companies, general insurance companies and composite insurers in the industry. They offer a variety of different providers so you can make an informed conclusive decision before picking any particular insurance.