Baby Shark Overtakes Despacito For Most Views On YouTube

baby shark

Baby shark doo doo has taken the top spot on YouTube and despacito has been left behind.

Never did I ever think that baby shark would emerge as the number one hit on YouTube. However, it seems a lot of children and probably even parents are having a ball with this song. But it makes sense because have you ever been to a club or a birthday party that doesn’t play this song? it’s literally impossible and even when it plays am sure you confidently sing it out loud with no care in the world.

The most popular song is definitely not Beyonce’s.

You would think that the most popular songs on YouTube would probably be Beyonce and Jay Z but apparently not. The most popular songs that have garnered over 6 billion views are actually baby shark and despacito. What makes baby shark a popular song in the first place? who really knows to be honest? is it the mummy shark? or daddy shark dancing around the seas? I personally don’t understand it because it hasn’t grown on me and that’s a sad fact, however the unity of the shark family is cute, I’ll give the song that much.

A good song for kids and drunkards.

I’ve only enjoyed this song with my son and at the club where drunkards happily danced around and shouted “baby shark doo doo” and for some reason it was catchy. For my son he gets excited and says “doo doo” which is great because it means it’s expounded his vocabulary. There’s no doubt that the reason the song is performing incredibly well is because of the beats, the rhythm, quality of the video and the target audience are probably tired mothers who don’t mind playing this song 100 times to keep their children quiet.