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Top Tech CV Skills in 2020

If you’re looking to get a job in tech, you need a very particular set of skills. The reason for that is quite simple – tech involves completely different languages, whether they’re different programming languages or extremely specific jargon. However, the exact technical skills required by tech companies changes every few years as innovations carry the whole industry forward. Here are the top skills tech employers are looking for in 2020: 


Blockchain is a business solution for many different problems; it’s also opening up innovations at the forefront of many different industries. Real estate is excited about tokenization; logistics is obviously beyond itself with the prospect of rock-solid traceability and even international governments like China are turning to blockchain to solve issues like dud champagne with VeChain. Knowing how blockchain works and the basics of blockchain technology will impress any employer who is thinking about the future of their tech. 

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Versatile Development

If you have the skills needed to develop a variety of front-end platforms, you will be an attractive candidate. What tech company wouldn’t be impressed by somebody who is established at developing a solution across different front-ends? Even if you’re thinking of going into digital marketing, many of the top digital marketers, like a Miami digital agency, grow brands online by combining custom web development, ecommerce development, app development and technical SEO. There’s nothing wrong with specializing in one area, but if you have relevant skills that can help you develop wide-reaching solutions, you will be an attractive choice. 

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a soft skill, but it’s one that tech companies are finding to be increasingly important. It’s something that is needed to be successful in nearly every job and it involves a melting pot of self-awareness, emotional regulation, empathy, motivation and simple social skills. Many companies screen their employees for emotional intelligence by asking questions about how they handled previous mistakes, but they can also bring candidates in for short-term projects, which serves the additional benefit of seeing how well they fit in with the company culture. Many people think that emotional intelligence is something that people are born with, but it can be learned and practiced just like any other skill. 

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UX Skills
Knowing how you can design the user experience is incredibly valuable for many tech companies.
UX skills involve UX research (being able to structure information into an information architecture), wireframing (showing how something works instead of how it looks), prototyping, and of course, visual communication. Graphic design is an important skill that’s part of user experience design; if you can prove that you have proficiency in visual communication (for example, color, typography, design theory and images), you will be an important asset to an employer. If you demonstrate that you have a keen interest in design, you can bring value even as a back-end developer, as knowing a bit about the history and philosophies behind art and design will mean you can be consulted by any decision-maker. What’s more, back-end developers who like nice designs are normally preferred by colleagues that have to work with their code.

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James Musoba
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