Google Free Unlimited Storage Ends In 2021.


Google free unlimited storage ends in 2021 so if you haven’t been using it it’s too late now.

Google has been storing images at high quality for the last 5 years but now they will no longer be doing this for free anymore. Many people have been storing a lot of data on their Google drive without even knowing that they get free storage. If you also store your documents but you rarely check your drive Google will now be deleting data from inactive accounts that haven’t been logged in to for at least two years.

This new rule will officially start from next year June 1st 2021.

All photos that will be uploaded after June 21st will not be counted, however after this date you can decide if you want to move to a different storage provider that’s probably free. Their new product is called Google One and their pricing is quite fair for the amount of storage they will be giving anyways. Since most people use their storage it will be hard to transition to anything else since all our accounts are mainly synced to gmail.

Here is the pricing:

  • It starts at KES 217 / month for 100GB
  • 200GB KES 326/ month)
  • 2TB (KES 1089 / month)
  • 30TB (16,356 / month)