Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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Tag: Google Apps

You Can Now Use Google Maps To Check The Air Quality In Your Region

To help with this, Google has released a function that allows you to check the air quality before leaving for your vacation destination. This new Google Maps feature, which was

Google: 20 New Apps to get a new UI designed just for the Pixel Tablet

Google made a specific Pixel Tablet official a few days back at its I/O conference. This is...

Google Has Started Rolling Out The Locked Feature In Photos For Non-Pixel Users

The company in September announced that the feature would be rolling out to more Android phones soon and now it has started to show up on some Samsung and OnePlus devices, reports Android Central.

Google Has Launched An App In Kenya That Let’s People Get Paid After Completing Tasks

Google has just launched TaskMate, a crowdsourcing app that lets people use smartphones to do tasks and get paid, in Kenya after a year-long experiment in the East African country

Google Announced New Guidelines For Play Store Apps

Google has announced new guidelines for the presence of Android apps on its Play Store. The new policies aim to remove any misleading information imparted through an

This Is How Google Is Making People More Discoverable On Google Search

In this new mobile only feature people will be able to search you and get a card that includes all the relevant details about you. We're once again pleased to inform you that this new feature

Google Free Unlimited Storage Ends In 2021.

Google has been storing images at high quality for the last 5 years but now they will no longer be doing this for free anymore

Google is reportedly rolling back its free storage options & Gmail customers could soon be forced to pay

I recently hit a wall on my personal Gmail account when suddenly my inbox went quiet. After...