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Scammers Using Random Giveaways While Claiming They Are Safaricom


Scammers are now using random giveaways while claiming they are Safaricom.

December is around the corner and scammers cannot keep calm as they look for their Christmas wage. As Safaricom was celebrating it’s 20th anniversary con artists saw this as an opportunity to take advantage of Kenyans.

It is not unheard of for Safaricom to do random giveaways however the difference is how they handle their giveaways. Authentic Safaricom giveaways are usually verified by reputable media stations and you can see their ads even on billboards. This new scam that has been exposed has been asking people to click on a link that claims people have been shortlisted for KSh 4,100.

The prize has now increased where people are being asked to click on the link for KSh 7,000 and of course in these desperate times many users clicked on the link in hopes of getting a bit of a reward.

Safaricom put out a tweet and declared this a scam.

This new scam is also unique and well thought out:

  1. The layout: The outward User Interface is very Safaricom-esque. They have the right shades of green, good looking fonts and high quality ‘images’.
  2. The Link is also more appealing than most other scams
  3. Finally, Facebook comments and alike counter to give you the confidence that others have won too.