Microsoft Teams Introduces New All Day Video Calling Option For Free


Microsoft teams has introduced new all day video calling option for free.

Since the pandemic began I’ve only been to one company that uses Microsoft teams, I mean somehow zoom has become the worldwide center where every one meets. For some reason different companies prefer different video platforms and if you ask me they are all pretty similar. Whether we meet on hangouts, zoom or whereby I really can’t see the difference as long as the screen can be presented, it can actually host an actual team and video and audio output works.

What is unique with this new feature that Microsoft has created is that you can have a 24 hour meeting and all for free. Additionally you can create teams where you can meet up to 300 people online, now that is quite impressive.

You can now join for free.

What would annoy me with Microsoft teams was how I’d have to create an account to use their features. The number of accounts I have created in the name of trying to use a video conferencing call are numerous so adding another one was not an option. But now users can actually use Microsoft teams to join calls for free via a web browser. The platform will also support seeing up to 49 friends or family members in a gallery view or through its Together Mode feature that puts you side by side in a virtual environment.

Perfect feature for the holidays.

This new addition is a smart move especially at a time when people prefer to unite online instead of meeting physically. Although people already have their preferable online video platforms this option seems quite attractive because of the number of people you can host at the same time.