Elon Musk Is Dodging Apple’s 30% Fee By Delaying Twitter Blue’s Launch

Elon Musk on Twitter Appears to Have Lost His Job
Elon Musk

In order to avoid Apple’s 30% App Store tax, Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, apparently plans to postpone the relaunch of the Twitter Blue membership.

The most significant benefit of the updated Twitter Blue is that it now allows users to buy the blue verification badge. After Musk took control of the company in late October, Twitter tested Twitter Blue on iPhones in a few nations. The deployment was suspended to improve the service after a few spam profiles received the blue badge. The redesigned plan was supposed to be on sale this month for $8 per month.

Through internal sources, The Verge and Platformer were made aware of the Twitter Blue delay. The sources do not provide a deployment schedule, but further information is anticipated in the next several days.

In recent days, Musk has publicly criticised the iPhone manufacturer for its strict app store policies and questioned the company’s decision to stop advertising on Twitter. The CEO of Tesla also asserted that Apple’s decision to impose high app store fees and remove advertisements from Twitter demonstrates the company’s opposition to “free speech.”

According to a study, Apple reduced its spending on Twitter advertisements from $220,800 from October 16 to 22 to approximately $131,600 between November 10 and November 16. After Musk officially took over the company in late October, spending started to decline. Oddly enough, in the first quarter of 2022, Apple also had the most Twitter advertisements.

Earlier this week, Musk conducted a survey on Twitter.

According to the vote, “Apple should publicise all censoring decisions it has made that have an impact on its users.” Over 2.28 million people accessed it, and 84.7% of them said “yes.” For former US President Donald Trump, a comparable poll was performed. Trump’s account was reactivated by Musk after being suspended for more than a year.

Apple has not yet replied to Musk’s accusations.