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Things to do in San Diego

by Arpita Arya
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 If you don’t know, San Diego is the finest city in the US, which is why it is flocked with millions of visitors every year. Although the COVID 19 has had a negative impact on the visitor count still, this city has opened several attractions for the public.  For your information, San Diego is packed with several world-class attractions, museums, theme parks, water sports, and everything you can think of. So when it comes to narrowing down the list of all the things do do in this city to just a few, the concept sounds unfair. However, if you have planned to visit this city for the first time, you won’t be able to make the most out of your experience. This is why we will sift you through a restrained list of all the things you must do when navigating a trip to San Diego:

1.       USS Midway Museum

This iconic museum is located on the harbor of downtown in this city. After the official navy craft retired, the city became the habitat for military history. The most interesting part about this museum is, it will drench you in real-life stories of all ages.  This way, younger visitors can learn about the troubles and struggles of the military personnel who served many decades back. If you don’t plan a trip to this museum, you will do an injustice to your tour. Secondly, this is also a high tech museum so that it will keep your children engaged throughout their visit.

2.       Visit The Balboa Park

This 1200 acre cultural park is located In the downtown of the city. Before you decide to visit it, you will have to do a bit of research because it is packed with several attractions. In this park, you will find the iconic San Diego Zoo, art museums, botanical gardens, gift shops, and much more. This means you will have to plan a day-long trip to cover all these attractions. Especially when you plan to go there with your kids, each of these attractions will keep the little munchkins busy. Not to forget, this site was preserved back in 1835, which makes it one of the oldest places in the US.

3.       Plan a Trip to The Safari Park

This safari park is located within the boundaries of the San Diego zoo.  However, if you are traveling from downtown, it will take between 30 to 40 minutes to reach your desired location. These 1800 acres preserve features more than 2600 animals. However, this is not all because the park exhibits 3500 plant species as well. So if you’re a fan of nature, the San Diego Safari park is going to be quite an experience for you. Despise smoking or vaping in the park because it is unhealthy for the animals and visitors. Once you’re done with the visit to the Safari park, you can travel to a local vape shop outside the premises of the exhibit.

4.       La Jolla Cove

If you are familiar with the Spanish culture, you will know that La Jolla is used for “the jewel.”  The coastline of San Diego is embellished with La Jolla shores because they add to its natural beauty. This place is the ultimate paradise in San Diego because it can easily grab the visitor’s attention within seconds. Secondly, the clove is protected with a marine preserve, which adds more value to the shore. Now another popular reason to visit La Jolla Cove is to sift through the kid’s pool. This is home to several sea lions who gather at several times of the day. 

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