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Taxpayers Will Soon Have To Part With 1.1 Billion For Govt To Establish Their Own Digital TV Station


Taxpayers will soon have to part with 1.1 billion for govt to establish their own digital TV station.

It seems the government doesn’t have enough on their plates with the COVID situation and so instead, they have a new project that will need most of our money. As per their budget the TV station will need KSh 300 million to run the channel if it will be approved by the Parliamentary Service Commission.

Currently all parliament proceedings and events of the senate are already aired on KBC and sometimes other local channels however the government hopes to have a 24-hour digital channel that will do the same.

Currently the parliament already has a heavy budget.

Even though several public schools don’t even have water to deal with the pandemic the parliament still wants to add expenses in addition to what they currently have. They have currently split the budget into several phases and claim that the first phase will require KSh 524.6 million to implement and then further the second phase will require KSh 600 million for purchase of equipment for the channel.

If approved, this TV station would then add to Parliament’s heavy budget that consists of a monthly salary to each MP that surpasses the KES 1 million mark and a KES 5 million car grant.

Additionally, the Parliament will immediately require KES 524.6 million to implement the first phase of the project and a further KES 600 million for the second phase for purchase of equipment for the channel. So why have KBC when this new plan exists? According to them KBC will provide technical support, equipment and production staff in the first phase.

“The long-term implementation of the broadcasting programme will mean that Parliament will fully provide personnel and equipment to produce and broadcast Parliament content,” Justus Kizito, who chairs the Broadcasting committee, said in the report.

“It is important to note that an additional cost of Sh25 million will be incurred on a monthly basis to cater for additional services to complement the services being offered in the existing contractual obligation.”

Millions of Kenyans are undergoing a lot of problems because of the poor decisions that have been made by the government, a lot of people feel as if the taxpayers money has been misused and wrongly located.