3 Challenges In Meeting Today’s Digital Demand


For businesses, today’s digital climate means always being ready to adapt to change. This means being willing to abandon the current way of doing things and, instead, taking the plunge into new digital trends in order to continue to meet market demands and experience growth.

However, without understanding the specific challenges facing your transformation into the digital realm, it can impede your ability to take hold of the future, which can leave you left behind in both customers and sales. Therefore, it is important to pinpoint these challenges and face them head-on to stay ahead of the game.

Some common issues that can impede businesses’ digital transformation include:

An Unwillingness to Let Go of Old Business Models

Companies’ loyalty to what worked in the past is a major challenge that prevents them from transforming to the digital world, which is actually hurting them rather than lending to their growth.

In fact, reports show that in order to expand, businesses need to continuously modernize their products or services, which should stem from updated business models.

Updating your business systems based on current trends enables you to make the necessary changes to your offerings for an optimized customer experience, which helps set you apart from your competitors and also expands your company’s reach.

However, this requires a willingness to accept the risks that come with change, which some businesses simply find difficult to do.

A Lack of Employee Support and Training

In order for businesses to transform digitally, they must also have the support of their employees. However, some employees are threatened by change, which can impact productivity and obstruct the transformation.

A lack of digital skills training can also slow your transformation, which often occurs when businesses rely on already skilled employees within the company to train the others.

However, enterprise digital transformation can help you create a customer-centered culture in which your employees’ focus is on what is best for customers, which will enable them to better adapt to change.

Neglecting the Value of a Strong Online Presence

Research shows that the majority of customers currently utilize more than one channel when making their purchases, including website, mobile devices, and brick and mortar stores. However, even when visiting brick and mortar establishments, many customers still prefer to complete their purchases online later.

Therefore, it is important for your business to have a strong digital presence, which can be done by creating multiple sales channels in the digital marketplace for customers to shop. Otherwise, reports show that you risk losing more than 50% of customers.

It is also important to establish fluid customer service from all channels for a greater customer experience.

Because customers’ value a great customer experience, and their expectations of what is great are ever changing, it is important to continuously analyze your business to see how you can increase your customers’ enjoyment of your brand, which will help provide you with the understanding needed to continue to meet your customers needs, including going digital.