You Need To See This 3D Pancake Bot That Can Print Pancakes

pancake bot

Pancake lovers you can now print your breakfast and have it in any shape or form.

I know you must be puzzled wondering how on earth you would be able to print a perfectly edible pancake but that’s just how technology works, it keeps surprising us. The whole point of this new innovation is the fact that you’re able to print designs ranging from dinosaurs, astronauts or even someone’s face.

So how does this work?

The PancakeBot uses a patent-pending batter dispensing system to “print” the batter onto the included griddle. Aside from the machine itself, there’s a dedicated software made to help you design the pancakes to your desire.


A word from the founders on how the software works;

“Our included user-friendly software allows you to design your own pancake by tracing any image right on your computer.  From your favourite piece of art or character, or your company, the software creates the file and the PancakeBot does the rest. As the artist, you control what lines are drawn first, which in turn lets you determine the shading of the pancake.’

  1. Add the premade pancake batter to the bottle.
  2. Create your design and load it into the PancakeBot via SD card.
  3. The rest is up to the Bot. Watch it work as it 3D prints your design in pancake form.

To get the contrast in colour, the bot pauses in different areas so as to give the design lighter and darker shades. However, you can even incorporate colour into your PancakeBot creations by simply adding food colouring to the batter.

If you are not in the mood to design, you can still choose from hundreds of designs online. The Bot currently retails for about KES 30,000 and comes in two colours (Red and black).