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Software used in Online Casino Games

One of the major concerns of online casino players is the fairness of the game. Many people feel if the casinos develop the game, then, they have control over it. Well, while we cannot say all casinos are fair, the majority of online casinos do not cheat. Most of the games you play on online casinos were not developed by the casinos and were not controlled by them. In this article, we are going to look at the different types of software used in online casino games, how they are developed, and the features that make them fair.

Who Develops Online Casino Software?

While some casinos develop their games themselves, most of the games available in popular casinos were developed by third parties. That is why you will see games like Starburst, Gonzo Quest, and Mega Moolah in almost all popular casinos. These are games from technology companies that specialize in producing online casino software. These companies do not own casinos rather they sign deals with casinos to supply them with their games. Among the popular online casino software developers are:

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  • Microgaming
  • Net entertainment
  • Playtech
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Real-time Gaming

How Online Casino Software Work

Online casino software uses computer programs called Random Number Generators (RNGs) to produce random numbers that determine the outcome of a game. The numbers are produced without following any pattern and the outcome of the number generated at one request does not influence the outcome of the number that will be generated in the next request. A number is assigned to each symbol in the game, hence the appearance of the symbols occur randomly.

Casino software uses algorithms that communicate with these random number generators to determine how the game eventually plays out. Although it is impossible to predict which number will be generated next, it is possible to calculate the probability of a number being generated at a particular time. The probability becomes more accurate over a long playing period. Hence it is used to determine the winning odds.

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Types of Software Used in Online Casino

There are three major types of online casino software. They are:

  • Instant Play Software
  • Downloadable Software
  • Mobile Application
  • Instant play Software

Instant play software is compatible with all kinds of computer operating systems and does not need to be downloaded. Online casino games that are developed using instant play software can be accessed from the browser of any computer. Most of them are also compatible with mobile devices. Most of the popular online casinos such as sa gaming have games developed with instant play software.

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  • Downloadable Software

Unlike instant play software, downloadable software is only compatible with Windows OS. The games cannot be played from the computer browser, rather you need to download the software. However, once the software is downloaded, it will give access to all games programmed with the software like free spins no deposit win real money canada.

  • Mobile Application

Many online games are developed only to be played on the mobile application. To access these games you will have to download the application first. Most of these mobile apps are available on Google play store and Apple Store. But some casino mobile apps are available for download only from the casino’s website.

Measures Taken to Ensure Online Casino Software Are Fair

It may be risky to assume that all casino software is fair and outcomes are random. There had been many cases of cheating recorded by online casinos. That is why there are organizations like that usually test casino games to ensure fairness. If the games are confirmed to be fair, the casino will be given a certificate or badge. There are regulatory authorities that are monitoring the activities of casinos as well. The body ensures the casinos are regularly getting their games checked, and that they are complying with all other regulations. All top casinos have been certified for fairness.

Can You Influence the Software Used in Online Casino Games?

As an online casino can alter its game software to cheat the players so can a player influence the functionality of a casino game software to gain an advantage? But it is very difficult and there have been very few cases of such recorded. The only people that can influence the software of a casino game are the employee or contractors of the game developer. Few of them had attempted to cheat before and were eventually caught and faced criminal charges. Hence it is safe to say casino software cannot be influenced by players.


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