Spotify Is Expanding It’s Presence In Africa And We’re Excited


Spotify is expanding it’s presence in Africa and we’re excited.

If you’re a music fan and you’d like to enjoy your music without any interruptions then you’re in luck because spotify will be joining the African market soon.

According to the company’s newly appointed regional chief executive officer, Sipho Dlamini their plan is to build up operations in countries including Kenya and hopefully implementing Spotify in 2021.

“We are thinking long term and looking to build lasting infrastructure in order to support African talent for years to come. “We want to expand the possibilities for that talent to reach new audiences around the world. Also, we want to attract more African artists to the label. This means investing in recording facilities and live music to bring them to a wider audience.”

Will it be launching in Kenya?

Currently Kenya is locked out of this service but hopefully with this new development Kenyans will be able to enjoy the benefit of streaming music from spotify. In Kenyan the only way to have access to spotify is by setting up an account that you will have to use a VPN to access the services.

However, with this new development from Universal, there’s a high chance Spotify will be launching in Kenya soon too. As we speak, the most popular music distribution platforms would be Apple Music and YouTube. This new advancement means a new experience for many Kenyans.