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How to Subscribe to Safaricom Skiza Tune

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Now you can entertain your callers with your favourite SKIZA tune with only Ksh 1 per day for local and international tunes. Users can also entertain themself by listening to their favourite MySkiza tune with only 1.50 Ksh per day for local and international tunes.

Users can successfully subscribe to Skiza Tune via 4 main channels, which include:

  • By using the code of Skiza
  • By using the SMS
  • Directly on the website
  • Express copying

By using the SKIZA code

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  • Dial *811# on your phone using the Safaricom SIM card
  • Choose Subscribe to SKIZA
  • Enter the code for the SKIZA tone you want to subscribe to
  • Download the SKIZA tune
  • Confirm and Subscribe to

By using the SMS

  • Go to your phone’s messaging app and send the word Skiza and the tune code you’d like to 811. For instance, ‘Skiza 12345.’
  • Safaricom will send back a message asking you to confirm your subscription.
  • Confirm this and the tune will be set.

Through the use of the website

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  • Log on to the website:
  • Choose your favourite tune for SKIZA.

Express copying

Express copying occurs when you copy the Skiza Tune immediately from another individual. Follow the instructions below to do this successfully.

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  • Call the person with the song you like. Tell them not to respond to the call.
  • You can access your keypad and dial 11 while playing the Skiza Tune.
  • The Skiza Tune will also be set automatically as your own.

To unsubscribe from the Safaricom Skiza melody:

  • Just dial *811#
  • From the options available, select Manage my tunes and press send.
  • Choose the Skiza tune
  • In this you can choose the Skiza tunes you want to remove
  • Choose Delete

You can also delete the SKIZA Tune by simply sending an SMS to 811 with the word DELETE and a text message. SKIZA The code of the tune you want to delete, e.g., send DELETE 5050005 to 811 to delete that tune.

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