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Kenyan Websites With .Ke Domain Experience An Outage

by Vanessa Waithera
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Kenyan websites with .Ke domain are experiencing an outage.

If by any chance you’re hoping to work on your site that has the .ke domain, you’re not in luck. Any site that is under this domain has experienced an outage for the better part of the morning and a number of people have complained since. Kenya National Centre (Kenic TLD) have confirmed that they’ve been experiencing some connectivity issues which has affected a number of domains. The company is licensed to manage and administer the .ke country code Top-Level Domain (.Ke ccTLD) name.

The company had not been officially notified of the problem until a number of users complained.

The company tweeted and wrote:

“We would like to notify you of intermittent connectivity to KENICs Network. Our Technical team is working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. We will keep you updated as soon as the issue is resolved. Regards”

Kenic has not confirmed when the issue will be resolved however the problem is quite uncommon and does not happen often. The company’s main responsibility is to ensure that sites do not crush and that the domain is well functioning, so far we haven’t heard of such problems so it would probably be best to be wait.

However, according to the latest communications report there are a total of 95,101 .ke domains in Kenya of which 90,494 (95.2%) use the domain. That is the majority and this is a big problem for companies if their website has DNS resolving issues that could deter their customers from accessing their services.

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