Tips on upgrading your home office tech


While a home office has always been highly convenient, it’s now more essential than ever. More and more businesses are turning to more flexible, remote working under the government’s guidelines, with many considering making it a permanent decision. If you’re looking to upgrade your home office to create a more productive environment, there are a few pieces of essential technology that can help you do just that. Here are some pieces of tech that’ll help improve your space in seconds, as well as some other essentials. 

Maximise space with multifunctional machines

Gone are the days of multiple machines; make the most out of your space by investing in a multifunctional printer that prints, scans and copies. The Epson all in one range is a great choice, allowing you to maximize your home office regardless of the size. Remember to use compatible Epson printer ink in these machines to get the professional, crisp prints you’re looking for. While a printer may not seem like the most exciting piece of technology, it’s certainly one of the most convenient and necessary in any office environment. 

Keep it organised with a wireless keyboard

There’s nothing more frustrating and distracting than a messy desk. Keep it free of cables by choosing both a wireless keyboard and mouse. This allows for more flexibility in the way you type and move as well as keeping your desk organised. Another pro of wireless options is that they’re portable, so you can bring them along and work from many different spaces. Any other cables, like those from the back of your computer, can be tied back using a secure cable tie. 

Increase productivity with a second monitor

Whether you’re used to one screen or typically use two in the office, it’s well worth investing in another monitor while working at home. There are a plethora of benefits, including helping you stay focused and productive rather than constantly having to flick from program to program. It’ll take you much less time to get tasks done – particularly if they involve references, research or multiple programs. While they do take up more space, the benefits definitely outweigh this slight issue. 

Amplify your WiFi

The last thing you need is your internet dropping out when you’ve got a busy day full of virtual client meetings and deadlines. If your router is further away from your office, then a WiFi repeater is a worthy purchase. Also known as a booster, they improve the signal by extending the coverage area of your current network. If the problem isn’t the distance but the speed of your WiFi itself, it may be worth asking your provider if you can upgrade. 

Stay focused noise-cancelling headphones

Unless you’re lucky enough to work in complete peace and quiet, it’s likely you may end up getting distracted by family or housemates at some point. Stay focused on your work by investing in some quality noise-cancelling headphones. While you should still be careful to not get distracted by what you’re listening to, music has been shown to increase productivity, concentration and efficiency. If you’d rather work in silence but still want to block out sound, then noise buffering panels may be the optimal solution for you. 

Don’t forget about the basics

It’s all well and good investing in technology, but don’t forget about the core parts of your home office. A quality desk, an ergonomic chair and a whiteboard are all things that every home office needs, helping you stay both comfortable and organised. Technology is definitely more exciting, but these basics are absolutely essential. The addition of plants and artwork certainly wouldn’t go amiss, either, especially if you’re sitting at your desk all day. 

Stay focused and productive no matter the size of your home office by investing all of the above. You’ll notice an increase in efficiency and enjoyment once you’ve filled your space with these convenient devices.