Between WhatsApp, Facebook And Signal Which Platform Collects More Personal Data?


WhatsApp, Facebook and Signal, which one has more personal information than the other?

There was a time everyone would give out their information and signup for platforms without really understanding what they were giving. Now that most people understand what data privacy is all about we’re sure you would be interested in knowing just how much private information you give out. In reality by the time you share your details the internet has a way of ensuring that that information can be used in one way or another.

Thanks to Apple’s new privacy labels there’s a lot more we are aware of.

This feature provides a comprehensive overview of personal data collection on each application’s page. This removes the need to read through privacy policies and their terms of service documents.

So which platform collects a lot of personal data?

The amount of personal data people share on social media is actually a lot more than you would think. In comparison to platforms like telegram Signal runs an open-source encryption framework but they store your messages and data locally.

According to Apple’s Privacy labels these are the services that broadly handle user data.

For detailed information, you must go through their user agreements. However, this infographic pretty much covers it all.

WhatsApp Signal Telegram Facebook

According to the diagram above it’s quite evident that the information you share with Facebook is enough to track all your activities and literally stalk you if need be, question is, are you content with the amount of information Facebook asks for?