Nigerian startup Afriktrip launches online travel marketplace.


Afriktrip, a Nigerian startup, has developed an online marketplace to enable travelers and locals discover and book unique tours and activities offered by independent enterprises and local tour operators in African countries.

Afriktrip, which was founded in February 2020 and went public in November, offers travelers a simple and quick booking experience while also helping them save money thanks to its best price guarantee and cancellation policy.

It also aims to instill trust through its tour partner vetting process, review system, and in-app messaging platform, which allows travelers to engage with local tour guides without disclosing their personal information.

“These days a lot of people are coming to Africa on holiday, especially Africans in the diaspora who are trying to connect back to their African roots,” said Ibukunoluwa Salau, Afriktrip’s founder and chief executive officer (CEO).

“Though they are coming, connecting with local tour guides and operators to take them around is a problem. Those that have managed to solve this problem, are faced with another problem of booking these tours and activities, because almost everything is offline and manual – 75 per cent of tour bookings are done offline.”

Afriktrip is helping to fix this problem, with the bootstrapped startup having signed up more than 300 tour partners, with more than 1,000 tours, and activities in 27 African countries so far.

“Uptake on both sides of the market has been encouraging, most especially on the side of the tour operators,” Salau said.