Nakuru County Has Introduced Smart Watches That Will Monitor Expectant Mothers

pregnant woman kenyan
A pregnant woman from Kenya in green park landscape.

Nakuru county has introduced smart watches that will monitor expectant mothers.

There’s no end with technology and there’s no telling what technology can’t do because just when we think we’ve reached the limit we find a better way to utilize it. Nakuru County Government has started a project that will be monitoring blood pressure in expectant women. In collaboration with Kabarak University they hope to reduce the number of maternal deaths.

What else can the smartwatch do?

A number of expectant women have been losing their lives to pre-eclampsia and eclampsia as a matter of fact the two have proven to be among the highest causes of death and complications at delivery. The smartwatches will also be used by health officials to identify hypertensive disorders during pregnancies.

Pre-eclampsia is a disorder characterised by high blood pressure and a protein in the urine causing seizures and loss of consciousness and often leads to eclampsia that causes excessive bleeding and other complications and even death in extreme cases.

The project was initiated after a research carried out by Kabarak University located in the county. Through the study, the institution was able to identify various levels of health facilities reporting a high prevalence of pre-eclampsia and eclampsia.

Hopefully this new innovative invention will save more lives and women can with the conditions will be able to live a normal life.