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How Much CBD Should You Take: The Ideal Dosage

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There is not a specific dose for everyone. We all come in different shapes and sizes. Some people have higher tolerances than others and some have a faster metabolism. Whether you are taking CBD edible gummies, tinctures, or capsules it is crucial to first find your dose.

These different types of products have separate bioavailability. Even if they have the same mg amount, their efficiency could be different.

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Bioavailability means the amount of organic substance that can be used by the body. When we eat food or take a drug, much of the matter is wasted. How much is used by the body is what is referred to as bioavailability.

CBD Dosage

We recommend that first time users start small. This is the advantage of taking CBD oil drops; you can control the dose much easier than capsules or gummies. Begin with taking a 10-20mg dose for about a week. See how the CBD makes you feel. If your body is tolerating the CBD well, increase the dose.

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Most research is done with doses ranging from 25-75mg. Most users will find their dose in this range. However, many people are finding that higher doses are better for them. This could be that their tolerance to CBD has gone up after taking it every day for years. They could also have a high body mass or very quick metabolism.

How Much CBD to Take?

The only way to find your dose is to try. There are not any major consequences of taking incredibly high amounts of CBD. Scientists have found that CBD is tolerated well in humans even at doses up to tens of thousands of milligrams.

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In rare instances, CBD users have reported fatigue, upset stomachs, and a change in appetite. These cases are not very common but it is better to be safe than sorry.

CBD users that have a high body mass are most likely going to need more CBD than a smaller person. This is not always the case; that is why it is always a good idea to start small and work your way up to a larger dose.

Other factors that could contribute to a user needing more CBD to see results are:

  • Metabolism
  • Tolerance built up over time
  • Past CBD use

How Do You Use CBD?

All administration methods are done differently. Taking CBD edible gummies or 100mg CBD capsules are pretty straightforward. Taking CBD oil requires a little bit more responsibility for the user.

CBD oil is meant to be taken sublingually. This means absorbing the oil under the tongue. Sublingual administration is believed to reach the bloodstream much faster and efficiently than other methods. Eating a CBD product requires the stomach to digest the extract before it becomes available for the body to use. This can take hours and much of the active ingredient is wasted in the process.

Can You Take Too Much CBD?

There has not been an instance of anyone dying from CBD. No one has ever overdosed on any cannabis product. CBD is not intoxicating. If you take a very large dose, you may get a headache, feel fatigued, or lose your appetite. There are not any serious consequences associated with taking too much CBD.

Taking a 100 mg CBD capsule may be too much for the first-time user. We recommend taking CBD oil drops so you can control your dose. Remember that all CBD administration methods have different bioavailability. CBD edible gummies will not be as effective as sublingual CBD oil.

The amount of CBD a user should take is unique to their needs. Finding that dose by taking CBD is the only way to know how much CBD is right for you.  

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