Which computer type is better: Desktop v Laptop or Tablet?


It is the 21st century and it is called the modern world nowadays. Technology is increased continuously with the passage of time. If we look behind the past ten years we see the very old world. But after ten years of research hypothesis analysis and practical implementation of technology have stepped up the human being to space and now the human being is planning to build homes on the other planets.

Study, research and the making of living standards easy and valuable are the curiosity of innovations in Information technology. Now what are the variables of Information technology refers to the virtual and logical system called computer. 

What are the components these devices have?

Computers are the combination of hardware and software. Hardware includes different types of tools that are RAM, Processor, motherboard, graphics cards, hard disc and some other important devices. Whereas the tablet is limited with some of the features like optical drive etc.

What keeps these devices together?

Software is the key part of a computer that includes graphics, windows system, and many other software programs. With the combination of hardware and software makes a splendid computer system and we are now stepping ahead to the Artificial Intelligence system.

What can a computer do for us?

Computers make us resolve issues and problems as there are many forms of computer systems in the form of desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and many other gadgets. All these are the virtue for us, because we use all these for different purposes like desktop for heavy work, laptop for research work and tablets and smartphones for communication and entertainment with our friends, family, social circle and off course tablets for taking notes and drawing shapes and designs and so on. 

How we build the idea to answer which computer is best to buy?

Every gadget has its own specialty in its own premises. We will discuss each gadget’s pros separately in our article below. With our thorough research work you will have the idea of customizing your choice that is good for you according to your desires. So stay stick with us and keep reading the whole article to the end to understand the importance of computers in our life.

Desktop Computers:

Desktop computers are gigantic in size with strong support of quality components. Although it’s big in size, and you can get a real performance that you require. It is still indeed a better option for those who love to work in a dedicated space and do not travel too much and specially for the gaming addicts, these are still the best gaming PCs.

i. Design:

Desktop computer refers to the premium computer that fits on a single table with a set of display devices that is called a monitor, Central Processing Unit that includes motherboard, a keyboard and mouse (that are input devices). 

ii. Components:

Regardless of all this stuff it carries a high quality of processors, amazing graphic cards, best pc cases with which you will love to play graphics rich games and run heavy engineering software. Especially for gaming, you can install multiple CD and DVD drives, ports, hard drives etc in some of the best gaming PCs that are designed for desktop gaming.

iii. Portability:

Although, you can easily upgrade your desktop computers with the required components like changing hard disc, RAM, Processor, and graphics cards according to your requirements. But still you cannot take it anywhere. 


Laptop is a personal computer that has the same functions as that of a desktop. Somehow the laptop differs itself in terms of its portability and functionality. For the performance, you will find some of the best laptops with quality specs that run graphics rich software. You can also find some of the best gaming laptops under 500, under 600 and so on. These laptops can run graphics games and quality software. For a normal use, these are tons of brands that might cost you for some amount of bucks but will provide extraordinary performance.

i. Design:

If we take a glance over the desktop computer we got some multiple hardware placed separately from each other but connected with different electric wires, though they make it a proper computer system. Whereas you don’t need to tie up your laptop with cables. 

ii. Components:

If we talk about the laptops, they have the motherboard, battery, the LCD and LED screen, battery, speakers, touchpad, keyboard and DVD’s all in a single pack of casing. 

The latest models of laptops have got touch screens like Surface Pro. Another cool thing about the uniqueness of a laptop is the touchscreen option like if you take the example of Microsoft Surface Book 2, Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 etc.

Students can take notes through the virtual keyboard on screen and these laptops are the best for reading e-Books, graphics designing.

iii. Portability:

Laptops are cool in designs, performance and off course for its portability. It has got a decent battery backup so you can take it anywhere you want to go.

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What is a tablet PC? Eventually it is a sort of laptop that is being merged with the features of smartphones and obviously laptops. But it has got less features than the laptop and higher than the smartphone.

i. Design:

 Tablets do not have CD/DVD ROM, permanent keyboard. If you want an extra bit of space, you can add a microSD card.  Tablets got touchscreens with the plenty of built-in apps installed in it and you can use them for different purposes.

ii. Components:

For the components you have to buy a detachable bluetooth keyboard (if compatible), mouse and required accessories separately to use it in a laptop tablet mode. The key features and advantages of tablets are you can read books, take notes, watch and record videos and movies, it can help you in surfing and browsing the internet (having the WiFi facility). 

iii. Portability:

If you are a student, it helps you in taking notes in the classroom. The weight these tablets have is no more than 2 to 3 pounds when attaching a keyboard and this makes the device extremely portable. Tablets are smaller and lighter in size and weight so you can put it in your pocket easily and take it with yourself.

If you are worried about the onboard space on the tablets then remember it is not an issue nowadays. It has the same feature of a laptop for memory upgradation. You can easily attach or detach the external hard drive to store more data.

Final Words:

We have discussed three different kinds of computer systems in the above article. Each PC has its own advantages according to the user’s desires. Product compatibility, performance, portability and cost are some key factors that mainstream user’s have to observe keenly.

Buying a device is not enough, you need to maintain it. on top of that, your laptop, PC, or tablet will carry your identity and data in it. So, the security and privacy become an important part of this digital journey. You need to work about it, find the best anti-malware application for security, and the best VPN for privacy, check out the privacidadenlared to learn more about these two major issues which need to resolve for the best experience. 

Our Recommendation:

We will suggest buying a 2-in-1 tablet by investing some of your hard earned money that can help you like a laptop and a tablet. There are tons of quality 2-in-1 tablet computers that have big screens, quality performance with compatible accessories.