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AirSlate – Things You Need to know

by Intizar Ali
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AirSlate is a powerful presentation and analysis tool that allow you to present data and information in a sophisticated manner. You can use AirSlate easily to quickly generate a graphic report on your processes in just a few clicks and then share it with your staff with only a single keystroke. With just one click you are able to generate and edit a custom graphic report in the online cloud. It functions with any document format, from PDF to JPEG to PowerPoint and can even be immediately emailed to your entire team for review.

Save Your Money and Time

With AirSlate, you are able to save both money and time, because you are able to collaborate with peers instantly using the web-based tools. For small and medium sized businesses, no-code CRM solution is vital for automating business processes. This enables you to run your own CRM without needing to learn any programming or customization skills. AirSlate is no exception and is one of the best no-code CRM tools available.

Automate Your Business

In a nutshell, AirSlate is an online web-based application that helps you to automate many different business processes. All you need to do is to install the software on any of your company’s servers and let it run. It supports the full range of popular ERP systems including Oracle, Informix, SQL Server, and Microsoft. In fact, it is so powerful that it can also be used as an integration platform to other CRM packages. The following is more detailed information about the different ways that airslate can help you with your business processes.

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No-code CRM is ideal for automating repetitive manual tasks like purchasing, inventory, accounting, and customer service calls. It allows you to run your entire business from your desktop. However, sometimes, tasks become tedious and lead to a loss of productivity. With no-code workflow routing, you do not have to worry about manually starting each job and this therefore reduces stress and increases productivity.

Another way that airslate helps you automate business processes is by providing a fully configurable workflow routing. Workflow routing in turn enables you to easily configure a number of robots that work independently from each other. You can then divide up your workspace by department or even branch out. For example, you could setup one group of robots to manage your order fulfillment tasks and another group to manage your payment collection tasks. The robots would then coordinate with each other automatically.

Configurable Workflow Routing

In addition to its fully configurable workflow routing, airslate provides an easy-to-use administration interface for managing your robots. This interface makes it possible for you to change settings without restarting the software. Apart from being easy to use, airplane also offers numerous features and capabilities that make it the best choice for business automation solutions. One of the best features of airslate is its integrated MRP (multi-room process resolution) feature. With this feature, your robots are able to manage multiple rooms at once making it easy for you to evaluate all the data provided.

With an airplane, you are also able to use cloud-based APIs and configure workflows through the APIs. Furthermore, workflows can be configured as per your company needs to make it easy for you to create custom workflows. Since all these tasks can be managed from the airplane cloud, deployment is easy and quick. With zero configuration, you are able to start using your newly created automation system immediately.

As airslate is cloud-comfortable, you don’t have to spend a large amount on technical support or maintenance. This means that once you install the application on your organization’s server, you will only need to pay for technical support and maintenance if you run into any issues with your application. With a free trial, you also get to try out the application for a day before you decide if it works well with your organization. Therefore, by the end of the day, if you found it comfortable enough, you should sign up for the full version of airslate. Once you have done so, you will get access to a wide array of free daily workflows, along with a wide variety of automated tasks.

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