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5 Online Kenyan Supermarkets You Should Know

By online Kenyan supermarkets we obviously mean the kind that you can shop from home without moving an inch.

During the COVID-19 period a lot of us became lazy and due to that laziness we found ways to do everything from home. Smart companies decided to go digital and chose to invest on their platforms. Even as we transition back to the office we still cannot deny that we love convenience more than ever and whether we like it or not we need to learn to trust the online system.

Here are some functional online supermarkets.

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Naivas is one of those supermarkets in Kenya that is a darling to many shoppers. It not only one of the largest in Kenya, but also one of the cheapest according to several market research polls. Their online store offers a variety of items from food stuff to alcohol, basically whatever you need you can order but it’s best to order from the glovo app.

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I have personally shopped from their store in desperate times and I got my shopping in less than an hour. You can save time and have everything you need at your doorstep while avoiding unnecessary crowds and in such times…COVID!

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Epepea is an online marketplace that gives you a wide variety of unique items which can be shopped from the comfort of your house, office or even on transit. It is also a platform where you can sell your commodities to a diverse market. Items bought are delivered at your doorstep.

4.Jumia Kenya

Here you can get the items you need straight from Jumia or you can order everything you need from the Carrefour store.

The story of Jumia Kenya is the story that almost all Kenyans know. It is the largest e-commerce shopping site in Kenya boasting millions of subscribes and shipping millions of items every day.


Just like Jumia Kenya, Kilimall is an e-commerce that sells all kind of items and ships them to buyers. I Iove Kilimall because it has one of the fastest shipping speeds of any company in Kenya. Although it does not sell very many items, it is Jumia Kenya’s alternative.

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Vanessa Waithera
Vanessa Waitherahttps://my.techmoran.com
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