Twitter Will Soon Be Trying To Get Revenue Through Subscriptions


Twitter will soon be trying to get revenue through subscriptions.

How does social media make money? through advertising. All social media platforms make a lot of money through paid adverts but what happens when subscribers do not advertise on your platform?

As a digital marketer I can tell you that a majority of marketers prefer to advertise on Instagram and Facebook even LinkedIn but not Instagram. Is there any real reason for that? Well in my opinions Twitter is not easy on the eyes especially as a marketing social media platform.

How will they make money through subscriptions?

We cannot ignore the fact that the platform has a number of users who in fact rely on Twitter to get their daily news. However, a company is useless if they fail to generate revenue and how will they do this?

Though subscription is thought to be the alternative for advertising, it’s not usually preferred. Social media platforms keep a distance from this alternative since it has the potential to hamper the global reach a platform can get. Hence, the team of Twitter is meticulously formulating different subscription plans.

What kind of plan will be good enough to pay for?

In it’s subscription plan the package will include Ad-free feed, Tweetdeck, higher quality video, verification, analytics, and consumer features are some of the possible features and services that Twitter might offer in its subscription plans. Twitter may even allow its users to charge their followers for exclusive content or a separate timeline of their tweets.

How do analysts feel about this move?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg feels that charging money from users will restrict the growth of the company and limit its reach to a global audience. Moreover, Facebook’s discouragement towards subscription by keeping all of its platform free for users has threatened Twitter to do otherwise.

Question is, would you pay for the “premium” Twitter platform?