Ways to Speed Up your Internet Connection


A recent study conducted in October 2020 suggests that almost 59 percent of the world’s population (4.66 billion people) is using the internet actively. This number is trending upward since the advent of the internet and cannot be thought to see a decline. According to a study conducted by Penn State, over 77 percent of the population believes that we all rely on the internet to succeed in our respective fields. All these statistics reiterate the importance of technology especially the internet in our lives. While the internet has taken the responsibility to entertain us, educate us, allow us to work and earn a living, allow us to order food, groceries, and even transport – it is our responsibility to keep our internet connection seamless, and that is also for ourselves! 

This article is written for all those people who complain about slow internet or ask how they can speed up their connection. The first thing that you should do is to take a speed test via Speedtest by Ookla or Fast Speedtest to confirm the internet download and upload speeds that you are getting. Many times the internet providers are throttling your internet or are unable to supply the internet speeds that they advertise; due to this, you must be aware of the speeds you are being supplied. Once the results are in and you find a substantial difference between the speeds you were promised and the speeds you are getting, discuss it with the ISP. If the issue persists, you should be firm to switch to a better and reliable ISP. For instance, Suddenlink internet service has proven to be a customer-oriented internet provider on account of its reliable connectivity, no contractual obligation, and rates as low as 34.99 USD per month.

Sometimes, our internet suffers due to problems on our end and so I have put together a list of the best ways to speed up the internet connection, almost instantly!


One of the basic tasks for you to speed up your connection is to check if the issue originates from your hardware. On the off chance that you experience slow internet speed on just one of the gadgets connected with the same network, it is then the issue of the gadget. Old gear can be a significant reason for slow speed internet connection and therefore you ought to swap it with a newer version of the device. 

Use Ethernet cable

Switching to Ethernet cable solves most problems. I understand that wireless connection is convenient and usually sought after, however, it is imperative to understand that a wired connection is much more secure and supplies better internet speeds. Here, I would suggest that whenever your internet usage is critical and you cannot afford a single connection dip, use your Ethernet cable. 


Imagine that you are in an intense discussion with your co-workers about the budget report and your slow internet becomes the cause of your potentially valid suggestions to get discarded, even thinking about it makes you feel bad, doesn’t it? Don’t lose hope just yet, as there is something that can be done! There is a way through which you can simply optimize your web as per a slow internet connection. Rather than using heavy data variants of sites, just use mobile or HTML versions, for example, you can use Opera Turbo and disable loading images. 

To combat such instances almost instantly, it is suggested that you have an additional browser that can be used when the server is supplying slow internet. Almost all browsers have a data saving extension available for this reason.


Now that you have examined your hardware and find it to be working perfectly fine, you need to check the programs and applications. For example, a document being downloaded through a basic internet browser would take more time relatively. For such purpose, you should put your resources into installing extensions and plugins, for example, Adblock Plus or Flashblock. These extensions would hinder the usage of heavy data like advertisements, animations, and videos that might be hogging your internet speeds. 

Similarly, you can clean your PC in order to stop unnecessary applications from hogging your connection by following these simple steps:

  1. Pin down CTRL+ALT+DEL together and select Task Manager from the menu available on the screen 
  2. Close all the applications you find unnecessary
  3. Close all the programs from the Activity Log you find unnecessary

Switch off the spare DEVICES 

Various gadgets are connected with the same network and use substantial bandwidth due to which internet speed gets slowed down. It is also a common belief that if your device is not being used then it is also not consuming any internet data. However, it is not at all true. Furthermore, most of the devices are prone to download updates automatically which means they consume bandwidth even when we do not realize it. For people owning a lot of smart devices, it gets even trickier as all the devices hog some amounts of bandwidth all the time. This is why it is advisable to switch off the Wi-Fi option on the extra gadgets or simply turn them off.

Partying Thought

The ways discussed in this article to speed up the internet connection are easy and quick. You can decide to go with any of the ways, although, it is essential to remember that different devices respond to different hacks and so you should be open to all of the discussed tips.