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Top IoT App Development Platforms and Tools to Use in 2021

by Milcah Lukhanyu
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IoT (or the Internet of Things) is no longer a future, it is a reality. More and more users are already using IoT-based devices today and this number is rapidly growing.

However, the world doesn’t stand still; new tools and IoT solution providers in Europe appear on an ongoing basis. However, this doesn’t mean that absolutely every development team can build a powerful and multi-featured IoT app. To be a professional in this area, a dev team must keep track of the latest trends and implement the latest achievements in software development. Let’s delve into the details of IoT development trends and review some of the best platforms and tools to use in 2021. 

The thing is that IoT development tools are the mandatory elements of the IoT ecosystem. Simply put, their main goal is to bridge the gap between device sensors and data networks. With the increased popularity of IoT devices, the market is overloaded with a myriad of IoT development platforms. However, it is really hard to make the right choice. Let’s take a closer look at IoT development platforms that will be popular in 2021.

Microsoft Azure IoT

It’s a superb collection of cloud services, built by Microsoft. It is used to connect a variety of IoT assets. Simply put, when using this tool, you can be doubly sure that your IoT device would contain more than only one gadget and can communicate with a few back-end services that are hosted by the cloud.

With the help of this platform, programmers are allowed to build and protect more IoT apps securely. Overall, Azure is a superb solution for absolutely any type of company as it can easily control any type of device, security option, or data analytics to meet the needs of the IoT objects.


It’s an enterprise IoT platform that has absolutely everything to power your IoT product. It provides IoT programmers with solutions they require to prototype IoT solutions rapidly. On top of that, Particle is also a reputable platform for enterprises that need to scale their IoT solutions. Today, Particle is a must-have tool for 200.000 engineers and 9.000 companies and this number is expected to grow in the near future.

Amazon Web Services

The overriding purpose of this platform is to provide a solid and easy-to-use framework platform in the cloud. Thanks to its versatility, it is a must-have tool for many companies worldwide. AWS enables easy extension and connection of various devices. Overall, AWS is widely used by IoT programmers today and will surely remain popular in the future.


This platform was developed specifically for building IoT projects. It comes with a powerful app engine that makes the development process easier. Altair Smartworks allows the creation of advanced IoT technology within an open-architecture environment. It guarantees optimal flexibility, compatibility with third-party hardware, and high performance.

Salesforce IoT

If you are currently looking for a solid and adaptable IoT platform, you should undoubtedly check Salesforce IoT. It focuses IoT advancement action on building an all-inclusive framework. In doing so, it is so easy to relate IoT gadgets to their clients within one common Salesforce structure. Besides, this tool also allows programmers to build tailored IoT apps that can be related to any gadget. But the main reason why programmers choose this tool is that it accepts the client-first approach.

When we review Gartner’s report, we can see that 95% of all new-generation products are already using IoT technology. The world doesn’t stand still. To be a successful IoT developer, you have to broaden your outlook and implement the new tools. We can see that absolutely everything is connected to the internet, and IoT products are gradually sweeping the market. Therefore, you have to use the best IoT app development platforms and tools in 2021. This will surely help you roll out a powerful product that will meet the requirements of all stakeholders.

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