Instagram Reveals Plans To Launch Multi-participant IG Live Video Chats


Instagram has plans to launch multi-participant IG live video chats.

For all social media enthusiasts we can only imagine how excited you might be with this new feature that may be coming soon. The beauty with social media is how interactive it’s becoming that it’s becoming less of a need to keep meeting people or having physical meetings.

Instagram’s Chief revealed that the company is planning to launch multi-participant IG Live video chats within the next few weeks.

Mosseri made the announcement on a talk show and said:

“We have been working on live groups – finally. […] We’re releasing the ability to go live with more than one other person, so with up to four other people, in the next couple of weeks, which we’re really excited about.”

However, the examples showed three in a stream and not four, meaning three other people would join and nothing more. The first trial already took place in India where the popularity grew especially after TikTok was banned.

Live-streaming popularity grew.

Live-streaming, in general, saw a big rise in 2020, as people sought ways to stay connected amid the various lockdowns and mitigation measures, so no doubt Instagram would have liked to have got the feature out even sooner. But now, it looks set to be launched very soon, providing another means to broadcast, and connect with your Instagram audience.

That could open up a range of possibilities and options. You could conduct interviews, invite fans and customers onto streams, share the stage with influencers, etc. Going live with another person can also feel less intimidating – and as shown by the rise in audio live-stream platforms, people are clearly interested in more authentic, in-the-moment connection at this time.