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How to install Pixel 4 Google Camera on Android

by Yvone Kendi
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The Google Pixel series is well known for its impressive camera experience, and Pixel 4 (XL) is no less than that. Its hardware is solid, Google’s machine learning skills and general coding wizards are the main reasons that Pixel is so good at taking photos and recording video.

Here is a quick procedure to install Pixel 4 Google Camera on your Android:

  • Open the Google Camera 7.0 APK download link in any browser on your Android device.
  • Find the APK for Your Device

There are different versions of the Google Camera port that are designed for different phones.

  • Go to the Google Camera Mod download page of XDA and locate your device in the list.
  • To download the APK installer file, tap the top link in the “Google Camera Port” column.
  • Save Configuration Files (Optional)

Some devices, such as the Galaxy S10, may require you to download and set up a configuration file for the Google Camera port to function optimally.

  • Launch the camera app and allow all the required permissions.
  • One can now use Google Camera to take photos from your smartphone.

Whenever it means taking better pictures—just should use Google Camera app instead of your phone’s default camera app, and you’ll notice images and videos that you capture just look better.

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