Why Kenyans Are Complaining About The Safaricom Home Fibre ‘New Fair Usage’ Limits

How to Improve Your Home Wi-Fi

Have you heard about the Safaricom home fibre ‘new fair usage’ limits?

When I first saw that Safaricom had improved their home fibre internet package I was excited to say the least, why? because the new introduced packages had faster speeds for the same prices. Basically, we were all to get more for less. Sounds great right?

But as usual with any promotion done by any big corporate there’s always a catch somewhere and that is what you need to pay attention to. With the previous internet packages you basically enjoy the speed you paid for throughout without any worry but now they have this new thing called a ” fair usage policy” it still sounds rather polite until you understand the terms.

Before we go on kindly look at the table below:

So how will it work?

You get Wi-fi so that you can enjoy unlimited speeds however now with this new policy you’re expected to basically use your speed wisely or else it will be capped. That reduction in speed is an artificial restriction created by the company to limit a customer from accessing certain internet speeds, so that they do not strain the network and thereby hinder others from accessing the resource.

Is there really a need for a fixed connection when we have subscribed to reasonable speeds based on what we can afford? What would be the point of paying for a connection that you have to take care of? Currently in case you’re not aware you don’t have your own personal connection but instead you share with other people in the same building.

This basically means that you’re already sharing your connection with like 4 other people which means that your speed will obviously fall down at any one point so in that sense Safaricom has already saved quite a bit of money.

This therefore means that you will not only share your connection but you will also have a caps on it which then beats the whole purpose of having double speeds when they might just as well dwindle at any time.

So, basically long story short, when are we moving?