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When Do You Need To Hire A Car Accident Lawyer?

by Intizar Ali
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A car accident lawyer is someone who provides legal services to an individual who just went through an accident due to someone else’s fault. It could be a drunk driver running into you or someone who was driving a bit too fast. Car Accident Lawyers in Chicago ensure that you get compensated for the damages done including medical treatments, car repair bills, or anything else. All of this matters a lot. 

What Tricks Do Insurance Companies Play? 

There are several tricks that insurance companies play to make sure you don’t get the settlement you deserve. These include: 

They try to delay the case 

Insurance companies try their best to delay a settlement that can be quite beneficial for them. They can ask you for time to analyze your documents, go through the evidence, and loads of other stuff. They might even give a small amount at first to make you happy, hoping that you won’t ask for more money later on. They ask you to submit lots of documents and take a lot of time to go through all of them. However, after a certain time, you lose all your rights, and you can’t get compensated later on. This is why you need to reject these small checks. 

Moving on, they might even stop listening to your calls. This is done so that you back off and stop contacting them. 

They claim that the accident didn’t cause your injuries 

Another game the car insurance company plays with you is claiming that the accident didn’t cause any of your injuries. They might be due to another reason. This way, they make you believe that they are not going to pay anything at all. 

They go through all your previous medical records, be it ten years back or more. They try their best to find something that provides your injuries. Moreover, they can even claim that the injuries were caused due to something else after the accident took place. They will hire a doctor to read your MRIs and may pay him loads of dollars to state that the injuries seem quite old. 

Pressurize you before you hire a car accident lawyer 

Insurance companies will get in touch with you right after an accident takes place. However, one thing you need to keep in mind is not to talk to them about anything without a lawyer. The company will try its best to accept a low settlement that won’t cover the expenses. 

Moreover, they will record the conversation to get a hold of something that will be used against you in the future during negotiations or a lawsuit. For instance, if the person who ran into you feels terrible about everything and you end up saying it wasn’t their fault just to make them feel better, even this statement can be used against you. 

Make sure you don’t hire a car accident lawyer 

Another thing insurance companies are experts at is making you believe that you don’t really need a car accident lawyer. They do this by claiming that they will pay for everything. However, they either pay a little amount later on or simply make sure to make you believe that they owe you nothing.  They can even say stuff like lawyers charge you a lot, and there’s no need to hire one. Do not fall for this no matter what. 

Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer 

Hiring a car accident lawyer is a must for someone who just got into an accident. The lawyer should be hired as quickly as possible so that the insurance company doesn’t play any games with you, such as the ones mentioned above. 

Car accident lawyers make sure to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to ensure that you get compensated for the amount you deserve. They do not settle for a low settlement at all, calculate the entire amount you deserve, and then make a claim. They are also in charge of finding evidence to support your statement and file a lawsuit in case an insurance company completely refuses to pay you anything. 

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